Brief-Lynx Introduces New Version of Patented Linking Application with Improved Workflow and Speed to Save Busy Attorneys and Support Professionals Time and Resources

May 16, 2014

DENVER, May 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Brief-Lynx is the leader in the creation of hyperlinked and bookmarked legal briefs and written presentations. Now, the company is happy to announce the latest version of its cloud-based service, with improved workflow, interface and speed. Lawyers submitting e-filings or e-briefs can now produce PDF documents with active links and bookmarks that comply with electronic filing guidelines for most jurisdictions.

“Internet access and a web browser are all users need to get started,” explained Brief-Lynx CEO David Vanderport. “Brief-Lynx technology allows lawyers to create linked briefs in more than one-third the time that it takes with other programs or outsourced services. With our new side-by-side interface, users can make real time edits and review direct to the linked documents.”

Vanderport continued: “Our most important customer need is quick turnaround and this update to our system brings dramatic speed improvements to the user. As the only linking services company with proprietary patented tools, Brief-Lynx strives to deliver the most advanced and budget-friendly solution for electronic filing, electronic briefs and now single button output for tablet viewing.”

The signature benefit of Brief-Lynx is the potential to reduce the time and energy spent organizing electronic documents, creating an exhibit list, annotating and packaging electronic briefs. The system’s ability to simultaneously share the workload creates amazing turnaround times. More importantly, e-briefs are far superior to those created using traditional methods. Linking and bookmarking can turn an otherwise confusing sea of information into a cohesive and easy-to-digest document, something the recipient of an e-brief will no doubt appreciate.

Brief-Lynx provides three levels of service, depending upon the needs of each client. For those who want the most control over the creation of their brief, the self-service option is ideal, as well as being the most economical choice; the company even provides initial training. Of course, lawyers who are strapped for time can choose the full-service option, allowing the Brief-Lynx team to oversee creation of an elegant, hyperlinked brief.

Users of Brief-Lynx are charged on a pay-per-link scale. When considering the time that is usually invested in assembling briefs by hand, the economy of Brief-Lynx becomes clear. The improvements to the application are even more reason to choose Brief-Lynx over Adobe® Acrobat® or other outsourced providers.

In addition to linked e-filings, Brief-Lynx can also help produce high-quality, interactive and fully hyperlinked presentations. Embedding graphics, exhibits or video requires no special expertise.

About Brief-Lynx, Inc.

Denver-based Brief-Lynx offers the industry’s most efficient, cost-effective electronic brief services and software system. Brief-Lynx(TM) is for attorneys who want to customize their case outlines, integrated exhibit work product, and court briefs with pinpoint links to evidence, case citations, graphics and other supporting materials, including multimedia tools.


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