Blacklight: S3 Partners Unveils First Counterparty Intel Analytics (CIA) Platform For Traders and Investment Managers

June 3, 2014

NEW YORK, June 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — S3 Partners, LLC today announced the formal launch of Blacklight, the world’s first Counterparty Intel Analytics (CIA) platform. Blacklight offers counterparty intelligence and analytics to traders, portfolio managers, CFOs and COOs to optimize counterparty risk, cost and services for a Basel-III world.

S3 has assets under advisement of $300 billion across its platform. To date, over 40 managers are utilizing its Blacklight CIA platform.

“Traders, investment managers, CFOs and COOs today are faced with speed, complexity and regulatory data issues, while at the same time challenged with having to maximize their wallet due to Basel-III rules,” said Bob Sloan, Founder of S3 Partners, adding “Our integrated Software-as-Service (SaaS) platform solves for these issues.”

“Post the 2008 financial crisis, investment managers diversified their prime brokerage relationships; now due to Basel III, they have to justify and optimize the multi-prime model,” said Manny Santayana, S3 Global Head of Sales, Marketing and Distribution. “With Basel-III, the services within prime brokerage will be unbundled, forcing asset managers to rethink what is the optimal number and profile of relationships that they can afford with their existing wallet.”

Within its platform, Blacklight features a number of distinct customized tools for investment managers that encompass all the major elements of financing, trading and counterparty risk. S3 Partners calls them Blacklight Dashboard((TM)), Blacklight Heatmap((TM)) and Blacklight Wallet((TM)).

“Blacklight allows clients to have customized real-time information on positions, financing and counterparties delivered to them on multiple devices including mobile phones and tablets so they are never unaware of critical data that impacts every facet of their business,” Sloan said. “At S3 Partners we are originators. We formed S3 as a technology-driven business to aggregate better prime brokerage, swap, stock loan and financing data, to collect insights that clients can act on. Then we expanded our service-focused model to include a SaaS platform. This puts the power of our technology directly into the hands of clients. Our people have a recognized track record of anticipating changes in the needs of the market and helping organizations respond, adapt and succeed.”

About S3 Partners:

Founded in 2003, S3 Partners provides global asset managers and financial institutions solutions, services and software to successfully manage costs, counterparty risks/relationships and Basel III-driven enterprise requirements.

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