Redknee Supports Oi to Offer Free Wi-Fi to Football Fans

June 16, 2014

TORONTO, June 16, 2014 /CNW/ – Redknee Solutions Inc. (TSX: RKN), a leading provider of real-time monetization and subscriber management
software, is pleased to announce that it is supporting Oi, one of the
leading mobile operators in Brazil, to offer Wi-Fi services during the
football World Cup. Targeting the 600,000 visitors expected during the
event, Oi’s Tourist Wi-Fi offers free Wi-Fi access to inbound roamers
on their network, and is a key part of the operator’s marketing
campaign while Brazil hosts the world’s largest sporting event.

Redknee’s suite of virtualized solutions support operators to launch new
business models quickly and effectively to market with a low-risk
investment strategy. With Redknee, operators have the flexibility to
better monetize their Wi-Fi investment through innovative offerings,
while controlling the offload experience. Extending on standards-based
technology, Redknee’s end-to-end solution seamlessly transitions the
user between Wi-Fi and cellular connection based on the congestion
level of the different channels, subscriber profile, and even the
application being used, based on operator defined policies, all without
the need for expensive Wi-Fi infrastructure upgrades.

Eduardo Aspesi, segments Director, Oi says:

“As the largest sporting event in the world, the football World Cup
represents an exciting opportunity for Oi to welcome many football fans
to Brazil and provide them with exceptional service including free
Wi-Fi. Redknee’s ability to provide a flexible and turnkey solution was
key to our decision to select them to support us during one of the most
important events of the year.”

Lucas Skoczkowski, CEO, Redknee commented:

“Redknee is proud to work with Oi to provide football fans with a great
multimedia experience while enjoying the exciting sporting event. Our
Wi-Fi Monetization and Offload solution is a strong demonstration of
Redknee’s market leadership in developing innovative software to
deliver business agility at massive scale as a low-risk investment. At
Redknee, we will continue to invest in developing cloud-based and
on-premise real-time monetization and subscriber experience management
software solutions that enable service providers to advance the
customer experience, generate new revenue streams and grow

About Redknee

Redknee is a leading global provider of innovative software products,
solutions and services. Redknee’s award-winning solutions enable
service providers to monetize new services, business models and content
and to deliver a connected customer experience – through either SaaS or
on-premise based solutions. Redknee’s real-time monetization and
subscriber management platform provides innovative converged charging,
billing, policy management and customer care solutions for over 200
communications service providers and is supporting service providers to
monetize the growing ecosystem of the Internet of Things. Established
in 1999, Redknee Solutions Inc. (TSX: RKN) is the parent of the
wholly-owned operating subsidiary Redknee Inc. and its various
subsidiaries. References to Redknee refer to the combined operations of
those entities. For more information about Redknee and its solutions,
please go to www.redknee.com.

About Oi

Oi, a convergent service pioneer in Brazil, offers local and
long-distance landline telephony, mobile telephony, broadband internet
access, pay TV and the country’s largest wi-fi network. Oi has a
nationwide presence and the greatest network penetration, reaching even
the most remote regions of the country.

In March 2014, the company had 74.6 million revenue generating units
(RGUs), 48 million of which in the Personal Mobility segment. 18
million in the Residential segment and 8 million in the SME/Corporate
segment, as well as 657,000 public telephones. There are also several
Oi WiFi hotspots spread throughout Brazil.

For the sixth year in succession, Oi was included in the São Paulo
Securities, Commodities and Futures Exchange’s Corporate Sustainability
Index (ISE), reflecting its high degree of commitment to social
responsibility and the adoption of best corporate governance practices.
It was also included in the Exchange’s Carbon Efficient Index (ICO2)
for the fourth consecutive year and has been part of the Dow Jones
Sustainability Emerging Markets Index since 2013.

Through its social responsibility institute Oi Futuro, Oi supports
projects in the educational, sustainability, sporting and cultural
areas through incentive laws, with the aim of democratizing access to
knowledge in order to promote and accelerate human development. Oi is
one of Brazil’s leading cultural sponsors and creates opportunities for
projects in all regions of the country.

For more information, please go to: www.oi.com.br, www.oi.com.br/ri and www.oifuturo.org.br.

SOURCE Redknee Solutions Inc.

Source: PR Newswire

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