Amazon Triples Number Of Apps Available On Its Appstore
June 16, 2014

Amazon Triples Number Of Apps Available On Its Appstore

Peter Suciu for - Your Universe Online

Move over Apple; Amazon could now proclaim it has an "app for that."

On Monday the e-commerce giant announced that its Appstore has more than 240,000 apps and games, which is almost triple what it had last year. This announcement comes ahead of the expected official unveiling of Amazon's smartphone launch on Wednesday.

Amazon said that developers continue to report strong monetization from the apps already offered on the Amazon Appstore, which is now available in nearly 200 countries and for a multitude of devices. The retailer added that Amazon Coins have become increasingly popular with customers, who have spent hundreds of millions of the virtual currency on apps, games and in-app items.

According to research firm IDC, developers are also increasing support for Amazon's Kindle Fire tablets. A recent survey conducted by IDC of 360 developers, and commissioned by Amazon, found that 65 percent of developers said that "Total Revenue on Kindle Fire" is the same or better than developers' experience with other platforms; while 74 percent of the same developers said that "Average Revenue per App/User" was the same or better on Kindle Fire than other platforms.

Moreover, 76 percent of developers indicated that the Kindle Fire platform allowed greater connectivity with new market segments, and provided "reach" for developers at a time when new market segments may be difficult to find on competing platforms.

"Developers tell us that they experience improved reach, greater monetization, and, oftentimes, higher revenue when they have their apps and games in the Amazon Appstore," said Mike George, vice president of Amazon Appstore and Games, in a statement. "But this is just the beginning—we’re building more services and capabilities for developers and more Android-based APIs based on their feedback. Most Android apps just work on Kindle Fire, and with an Appstore made for Android devices, Amazon’s Appstore can help developers distribute their apps on Android devices all over the world. It’s a great time for developers to bring their apps to the Amazon Appstore."

The survey only focused on Android, the software for Amazon's devices, and Android makers.

Gigaom's Kevin C. Tofel reported, "Starting with the first Kindle Fire tablet, Amazon has built quite an app ecosystem on top of Android. The company offers developers a wide array of tools, including in-app purchases, push notifications, scalability with Amazon Web Services, mobile ads, A/B testing and Amazon log-in capabilities.

"That’s important to attract developers and when combined with company's massive online reach, Amazon is creating opportunities for app makers to reach customers."

While Amazon's Appstore has seen growth that has allowed it to triple in size it still lags behind Apple's App Store and Google Play, each of which now have more than 1 million apps. Even Microsoft now offers about 400,000 apps in its Windows 8 and Windows Phone marketplace.

However, the timing of this announcement again is likely to build up the momentum for Wednesday's expected announcement of an Amazon phone.

"It means that Amazon is three time more prepared for their smartphone launch on Tuesday," Roger Entner, principal analyst at Recon Analytics. "Also Amazon is doing all of their devices in an effort to drive app and content sale. They break even on the device and make money on the apps and content."