Catch All Your Extreme Action Sports Moves With AirDog Drone
June 17, 2014

Catch All Your Extreme Action Sports Moves With AirDog Drone

Alan McStravick for - Your Universe online

When's the last time you were riding a trail, doing hardcore parkour, or skiing a tough hill when you pulled off the most amazing feat and were immediately saddened to realize none of your friends were around to see it? Apparently, thanks to a new Kickstarter campaign for AirDog by Helico Aerospace Industries, you'll soon never suffer the post-Awesome Trick blues again. Their new product concept follows your every move and documents it for sharing later.

According to Steve O'Hear at TechCrunch, the makers of AirDog look to the stellar sales of GoPro cameras over the last year as proof for the necessity of a product like theirs. The wearable cameras will find they are a perfect complement for the AirDog which has been designed to front mount these digital high definition cameras most often used as a means of allowing the viewer to feel they are in the middle of the action.

The AirDog is the first auto-follow action sports drone and the way it works is pretty cool. According to their Kickstarter page, the user simply attaches the AirLeash -- a small, waterproof computerized tracker to their wrist or helmet. This AirLeash then sends signals to the AirDog drone that indicate your precise movement and trajectory. From those signals, AirDog performs inflight calculations to correct the flight pattern all while pointing the onboard camera at the user wearing the AirLeash, thanks to the clever use of gimbal technology.

The user also doesn't have to worry about the initial takeoff of the vehicle or landing it. It is completely autonomous. When you are at the end of your run, it simply lands itself. If, while you are in the middle of a run, the battery becomes too low, the vehicle will return itself to where it took off from.

Promising to fly right out of the box, the designers of the AirDog have also come up with an app so that customization can be achieved. Through the app, users will be able to design flight routes, record tracks and laps and other functionalities.

As well, the drone is easy to store and transport. The device, which consists of a center body and four arms with attached propellers, is designed to fold in on itself making it very compact when not in flight.

As of the writing of this article, AirDog was less than $35,000 from its $200,000 goal on the crowd funding site. With 38 days left to achieve full funding, it looks very likely AirDog will soon be coming to market for sports enthusiasts everywhere. The company states the market price for AirDog will be $995.