Sensitive Customer Data Theft in Hotels a Key Theme at HITEC 2014

June 20, 2014

LOS ANGELES, June 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Over the last 12 months the media has exposed major data breaches involving more than 100 million customer records across many industries including well-known retailers, a global auction website and a series of international hotel brands. As the global cost of cyber crime continues to increase, criminals are becoming more aggressive in their attack methods, proving that no organization’s IT security is impenetrable. This evolving threat is forcing organisations such as hotels to completely rethink their IT security strategy.

As a step towards targeting the problem directly, education is needed to empower organisations with new security strategies to avoid being the next data breach news headline. For this reason, Ground Labs will be sponsoring the HITEC 2014 Conference and Exhibition to be held in the Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, California on June 23 – 26, 2014. The annual event is the world’s largest hospitality technology show and brings together professionals involved in financial management, revenue management and information technology within the hospitality industry.

Throughout the event, Ground Labs will be providing live demonstrations showing cost-effective and simple ways to identify sensitive customer records and then secure them within each system across a hotel environment. This data-centric approach to security targets the source of the problem by enabling a hotel to first understand where sensitive customer data is located, and then take action to protect it which may include deleting, quarantining, or redacting the information so it no longer carries any black market value.

“Hotels both large and small have been storing sensitive customer information including credit card transactions, passports, drivers license and other identity information on computer systems for many years. As hackers continue to prove no computer system security is unbreakable, this presents hotels with a real threat that can result in significant financial liability and brand damage when a data breach occurs” says Stephen Cavey, Director of Corporate Development. “Our goal is to empower hotels with simple, cost-effective tools that enable companies to identify all sensitive information that is valuable to a hacker, and take simple steps to secure the data so that it can no longer be stolen.”

Ground Labs is a global company that creates software products that perform sensitive data discovery. Its flagship products, Card Recon, Data Recon and Enterprise Recon, are used by many of the world’s largest hotel brands to identify sensitive customer information stored across a computer network including databases, emails, scanned images and office documents. By using these products, hotels can help prevent security breaches that result in the theft of customers’ personal information.

The HITEC 2014 Conference and Exhibition is an annual event hosted by HFTP (Hospitality Financial & Technology Professionals), which since 1952 has been serving members from across the hospitality industry including financial management, revenue management and information technology professionals. Additional information about HITEC 2014 is available online at www.hftp.org.

About Ground Labs

Ground Labs is a global leader in the development of security and auditing software solutions for companies all sizes. Its flagship products, Card Recon, Data Recon and Enterprise Recon, are used to perform sensitive data discovery on computer systems worldwide, helping companies prevent security breaches that result in the theft of customers’ personal information. With offices in Seattle, London and Singapore, more than 2,500 customers rely upon Ground Labs products across 80+ countries. For information and free product trials, visit www.groundlabs.com.

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