Attention NFC Mobile App Developers: ComSignTrust(TM) Presents New Digital Signature Solution as a Means of Protection Against NFC and NDEF Data Manipulations

June 23, 2014

As the world quickly progresses to a mobile way of doing things, new brilliant mobile apps keep popping up just like mushrooms after the rain – along with their “toxic” side effects… Vulnerabilities related to NFC Data Exchange

TEL AVIV, Israel, June 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –

According to IEEE [http://bit.ly/1pmKkUt ] “The number of use cases and real
applications around NFC and NFC Data Exchange Format (NDEF) technology increases
continuously. However, existing applications provide hardly any protection against
(malicious) manipulation of NDEF data. Digital signatures are a means of providing
authenticity and integrity of NDEF data.”

ComSignTrust(TM) [http://bit.ly/cst-products ], http://www.ComSignTrust.com, a
world leader in developing highly secure, qualified, PKI-based digital signature
solutions, provides users with the ability to easily sign and lock any type of file
(source code, doc, excel, voice, image, video, XML, etc.) anywhere, using any device -
including mobile. The file/code is encrypted and trusted by a third-party Certified
Authority, ensuring signer authentication and data integrity, preventing fraud and
business disruption.

One of the company’s newest developments is a first of its kind – a PKI NFC-based
mobile digital signature solution which ensures a highly secure mobile signature workflow.
The solution is integrated to the advanced Gemalto IDGo card with its dual-function
capabilities NFC/Card-Reader and may be used with every operating system. The NFC mobile
solution can easily and seamlessly be integrated to a wide range of NFC and NDEF
technologies, providing them with a secure solution for mobile applications in very short

ComSignTrust(TM) is a sister company of ComSign, a Certified Authority which issues
regulatory compliant, qualified digital certificates to businesses in Finance, Government,
Security, Insurance, Health Care, Education, Telecom and other sectors, and serves as a
third-party Trustee for strong identification and user verification.

About ComSignTrust: ComSignTrust is a pioneer and a world leader in developing secure,
qualified, PKI-based digital signature solutions. With a simple click-to-sign interface,
users can easily sign and lock any type of file anywhere, anytime, using any device.
ComSignTrust offers solutions with capabilities such as Multi-Signer, integration and API.
Tailored to serve the needs of medium to enterprise-sized businesses in all sectors, the
Company offers fast ROI solutions that comply with country and industry specific laws,
regulations and standards.


        Evelyn Kotler
        Marketing Manager
        Comda Group - ComSignTrust/ComSign/Comda

SOURCE ComSignTrust

Source: PR Newswire

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