Goal! Nexusguard Reminds Football Fans to Also Cheer for Their Security Teams

June 23, 2014

While the security experts at Nexusguard are cheering for their football teams along with the rest of the world, they hope to remind businesses that matches are held everyday in the world of cyber security, and the trophy is a company’s reputation.

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Nexusguard, a leading anti-DDoS security service provider, has published an article to remind businesses that matches are held everyday in the world of cyber security, and their passion for football can be extended to cyber security since the two share many common characteristics–perseverance, strategy and building a world-class team.

In fact, online businesses owners should pay even more attention to the performance of their security teams than they do to that of their favorite football team, because when their security team loses a match, their businesses are put at risk. “An attacker will not stop until he or she takes down the targeted service or realizes that it is not possible,” said Nexusguard Researcher Frank Tse. “Therefore, preparation for DDoS attacks should be based on neither the shortest attack or most typical attack, but on the worst possible scenario.” While a typical football game can last for 90 minutes, or 120 minutes with overtime, DDoS attacks can drag on for as long as a week.

DDoS attacks have evolved significantly more than football has during the last four years. Matches are dragged out for much longer now, allowing less room for mistakes: four years ago, attack bandwidth fluctuated between 3 Gbps and 6 Gbps, showing a clear jitter for every few minutes; today’s attacks can maintain a stable network traffic of 30 Gbps for as long as a week. However, some things do not change. In 2010, TCP SYN flooding accounted for 70 percent of DDoS attacks; today, four years later, TCP SYN flooding is still common, accounting for 52 percent of DDoS attacks. As it is with football, some basic principles remain obvious:

1. If proven effective, the same trick will be used again, and again.
2. The winner goes to the team that is more stable and makes fewer mistakes.
3. Surprise attacks-the play keeps changing.

However, while the risk level of DDoS attacks continuously rises, many businesses still are unsure about how they should approach this threat. Nexusguard’s mission to “enable the Internet as it was meant to be” has lead the company to build an all-star security team, which is on-guard 24/7 to ensure its customers’ services and applications never go offline.

Top football teams achieve their world-class performance in each 90-minutes game through year-long training and friendly matches, culminating in an exciting world event every four years. Matches in the cyber security world are never scheduled; attacks can come at anytime and from anywhere. In a sense, the tournament in this industry never ends, and businesses that rely on Nexusguard’s world-class security team can be sure they are always on the winning side.

For more information, please visit: http://blog.nexusguard.com/ddos-security-world-cup-team.

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