ThreatTrack Security Enables Enterprises to Assess their Exposure to any Malware Threat

June 25, 2014

Cybersecurity firm solidifies ThreatAnalyzer as the industry’s premier malware analysis solution with integrated threat intelligence and customizable rule sets

CLEARWATER, Fla., June 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – ThreatTrack Security today released ThreatAnalyzer(®) 5.1, the latest version of the company’s fully customizable dynamic malware analysis solution. ThreatAnalyzer enables organizations to recreate their entire application stacks – including virtual and native environments – in which to detonate malicious code and discover how malware will behave on their networks. By executing files and links within ThreatAnalyzer, cybersecurity professionals can completely and accurately quantify their risk and exposure to Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), targeted attacks and Zero-day threats designed to evade signature-based defenses.


“Uncertainty is one of the biggest challenges to enterprise cybersecurity, and it is paralyzing incident response teams,” said ThreatTrack Security President and CEO Julian Waits, Sr. “Enterprises know they are under attack from breaches caused by advanced malware, but most lack the tools necessary to identify advanced threats and accurately quantify their exposure to those risks. ThreatAnalyzer solves that challenge, putting security professionals back on the offensive. Within minutes of detonating a malware sample, users know exactly which systems on their networks are vulnerable to any threat, enabling them to instantly respond by isolating systems and implementing defenses to prevent data breaches.”

Enhancements to ThreatAnalyzer 5.1 include:

    --  64-bit Support - Enables users to recreate all of their 32- and 64-bit
        operating system environments - including WoW64 (Windows 32-bit on
        Windows 64-bit) - for in-depth analysis across their entire application
        stack, instantly identifying which systems are vulnerable to executed
        malware samples.
    --  Custom Malware Determination Rules - Accelerates the detection of
        targeted attacks by allowing users to create rule sets that alert them
        to the malicious activity that concerns them most, such as anomalous
        access to sensitive systems like SCADA controls, data exfiltration to
        foreign domains, queries made to custom, in-house applications and more.
    --  Fuzzy Hashing - Leverages ThreatAnalyzer's malware repository to help
        users easily and confidently identify unknown threat variants and more
        quickly unmask sustained targeted attack campaigns.
    --  Integrated Threat Intelligence - Enables users to instantly correlate
        suspicious malware behavior with known threats delivered in real-time as
        an add-on service.

Industry Leading Malware Analysis

As the first commercially available sandbox to market, ThreatAnalyzer – used by the world’s preeminent intelligence and law enforcement agencies – has long been recognized as a leader in malware analysis and a key tool for malware researchers and incident response professionals. It delivers more detailed analysis, of more types of malware, from more virtual and native applications than any other sandbox technology on the market.

ThreatAnalyzer is easily incorporated into enterprise network security teams’ arsenal of cyber defenses, enabling them to streamline the malware analysis process and quickly generate rich threat intelligence unique to their environment that they can act upon to protect their network from data breaches caused by malware.

ThreatAnalyzer also provides several distinct advantages over virtual and SaaS-based analysis engines, including the ability to:

    --  Run in a native (non VM enabled), to counter sandbox-evading VM-Aware
        malware samples
    --  Simulate reboot to detect malicious code that only executes after a
        system reboot to expose code otherwise undetected by most sandbox
    --  Analyze malware offline in a secure (air-gapped), isolated environment,
        with no loss of functionality

Enhancements for OEMs

ThreatTrack Security’s OEM partners leverage ThreatAnalyzer to expand their cybersecurity offerings beyond signature-based anti-malware solutions and legacy perimeter defenses to capitalize on the rising awareness and demand for next-generation security solutions. ThreatAnalyzer 5.1 offers a more versatile API for OEM partners, accelerating their go-to-market timetable by making it easier to integrate a full or partial feature set into new or existing solutions.

To learn more about ThreatAnalyzer 5.1, visit www.ThreatTrackSecurity.com, call +1 855-885-5566 or send an email to Sales@ThreatTrack.com.

About ThreatTrack Security Inc.

ThreatTrack Security specializes in helping organizations identify and stop Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), targeted attacks and other sophisticated malware designed to evade the traditional cyber defenses deployed by enterprises and government agencies around the world. With more than 300 employees worldwide and backed by Insight Venture Partners and Bessemer Venture Partners, the company develops advanced cybersecurity solutions that Expose, Analyze and Eliminate the latest malicious threats, including its ThreatSecure advanced threat detection and remediation platform, ThreatAnalyzer malware behavioral analysis sandbox, ThreatIQ real-time threat intelligence service, and VIPRE business antivirus endpoint protection. Learn more at www.ThreatTrackSecurity.com.


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