Extricom 802.11ac Access Point Adds Gigabit Wireless Support to its WLAN Portfolio

July 7, 2014

NEW YORK, July 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –

Extricom single-channel architecture takes full advantage of the 802.11ac standard by
allowing unrestricted use of 80MHz bonded channels to blanket the enterprise, without fear
of channel conflicts and interference.

Extricom [http://www.extricom.com ] Ltd., the high-density enterprise wireless LAN
(WLAN) solution provider that delivers seamless mobility with its patented Channel
Blanket(TM) [http://www.extricom.com/category/benefits ] architecture, today announced
immediate availability of the RP-23ac, a dual radio access point designed for the latest
802.11ac Wi-Fi standard.

Unlike most vendors’ 802.11ac access points which are crippled by a lack of
non-overlapping 80 MHz channels in the 5GHz band, Extricom’s RP-23ac can be deployed
without requiring any adjustment to the channel plan, or reconfiguration of other APs, to
deliver on the performance promise of 802.11ac.

It is Extricom’s unique single-channel architecture that makes it possible to fully
exploit the increased performance and efficiency of 802.11ac, which can only be realized
by using 80MHz bonded channels. With Extricom’s interference-free Channel Blanket, only
one clear 80MHz channel is needed to blanket an entire facility with a full-featured 11ac
wireless network.

In contrast, just as 802.11n is rendered useless at 2.4 GHz by too few non-overlapping
channels, multi-channel architectures face the same channel-planning nightmare for
802.11ac with 80MHz channels. Industry analysts agree the shortage of available 80MHz
channels is a severe constraint, while the small gain from 802.11ac with 40MHz channels
has no cost justification.

With the advent of 40 MHz channel bonding, first introduced by 802.11n, now 80 MHz and
in future 160 MHz, the inherent advantages of single channel architectures have become
impossible to ignore – enterprise-wide coverage using a single channel avoids numerous
interference related issues, allows seamless mobility with zero roaming delays, and is
fast and easy to deploy.

The RP-23ac access point is designed for 802.11ac Wave 1 support (80 MHz channels)
with one 802.11ac radio and one 802.11n radio. Optimized for low power consumption, the
RP-23ac can operate both its radios simultaneously using 802.3af power, which avoids
costly Power-over-Ethernet (POE) infrastructure upgrades. The RP-23ac is the first Access
Point in a new family of 802.11ac products Extricom is designing to fully utilize the rich
capabilities of 802.11ac, including MU-MIMO and 160MHz channel bonding.

As enterprise WLAN deployment priorities shift from coverage to capacity, Extricom is
proving its superiority with seamless roaming, and better performance scaling in
high-density environments, and is unmatched in large spaces like stadiums and arenas.
Large enterprises using multi-channel solutions have successfully transition from 20MHz to
40MHz, but with 80MHz channels they are struggling. Extricom’s interference-free Channel
Blanket stands apart from microcell / multi-channel architectures with a massive and
sustainable performance advantage, that will only continue to widen as the complete
802.11ac standard rolls out.

“802.11ac plays into our hands. Our Channel Blanket approach can fully utilize the
channel bonding features that are necessary to realize the big performance promise of
11ac” says Gideon Rottem, Extricom CEO. “Existing Extricom users will be able to quickly
boost capacity of existing networks with the RP-23ac simply by layering an additional
802.11ac channel blanket – with zero disruption, no site survey, and no channel planning
required.” he continues.

802.11ac marks an inflection point for the Wi-Fi industry – the end of the glory days
for multi-channel architectures. “We hope enterprises will recognize this as an
opportunity to replace ailing multi-channel 11abg or 11n networks with a new foundation
that is better suited to the high-density, high-capacity, all-wireless future ahead of
them.” added Gideon Rottem.

The RP-23ac is available immediately and is offered at MSRP of $895.

About Extricom:
Extricom Ltd. is a provider of high-performance enterprise wireless networks, based on its
Channel Blanket(TM) technology. Extricom’s unique interference-free single-channel
architecture provides wire-like reliability, high throughput, seamless mobility,
unparalleled noise immunity, and is easier to install and maintain than alternatives.
Extricom wireless LANs deliver high-performance voice, data, video and location services
with uninterrupted roaming in the most challenging high-density environments. Extricom’s
Channel Blanket offers superior scalability to meet tomorrow’s multi-service demands and
the continued explosion of smartphones, tablets and wearable communication devices.
Extricom wireless solutions are used by customers in Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing,
Logistics and Warehousing, Retail and Large Public Venues, who have discovered the
uncompromising performance, reliability and ease of ownership – the hallmarks of Channel
Blanket. Extricom serves its growing global customer base through offices in the USA,
Europe and Japan, and by working with a global network of distributors and partners. For
more information, visit us at http://www.extricom.com.

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