Dalton and GLyPharma Enter Into Aseptic Filling Services Agreement

July 8, 2014

Dalton Pharma Services signs agreement with GLyPharma Therapeutics Inc., to provide aseptic fill/finish services and analytical services for FE 203799 for cancer patients.

Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB) July 08, 2014

Dalton Pharma Services, a privately owned Canadian pharmaceutical services provider to leading pharmaceutical companies, today announced the company has entered into a Manufacturing Services Agreement with GLyPharma Therapeutics Inc., a specialty pharma company based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. GLyPharma is dedicated to the development of novel clinical therapies for chemotherapy-induced intestinal mucositis.

Dalton Pharma Services will provide aseptic fill/finish services and analytical support under cGMP for FE 203799, a long-acting GLP-2 receptor agonist under development as a first-in-class therapy for supportive care in oncology for patients receiving chemotherapy.

"Our expert capabilities in the sterile fill/finish of APIs and analysis, combined with our strength in aseptic filling, led to the signing of this important manufacturing agreement," said Peter Pekos, President and CEO. “We are very pleased to be able to participate in a strategic relationship of this type, which has great promise for providing a therapy for a major unmet medical need.”

Jean-Francois Leprince, Chief Executive Officer of GLyPharma remarked, "The alliance with Dalton is a key part of our plan to quickly advance the development of our novel therapy. As a quasi-virtual company, GLyPharma fosters its development strategy by leveraging expertise from contracting partners in Canada. Accordingly, it benefits tremendously from having the facilities and technical expertise found at Dalton. The opportunity to partner with a Canadian company that provides all aspects of manufacturing including the finished drug product and analytical services fits perfectly with GLyPharma’s capital-efficient business model.”

About Dalton:

Dalton Chemical Laboratories Inc. o/a Dalton Pharma Services is a Health Canada approved contract pharmaceutical manufacturer that supplies chemistry, analytical and formulation development services to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries in the areas of chemistry, medicinal chemistry and fine chemical manufacture. Dalton provides cGMP manufacturing of solid dosage forms and aseptic filling services to its customers at any stage of the regulatory process (Phase I, II, III or commercial). In its modern cGMP facilities, Dalton produces active pharmaceutical ingredients at the gram or kilogram scale. Dalton conducts sterile filling to produce batches of finished drug product in vials or syringes, either aseptically filled or terminally sterilized, under fully validated conditions. In addition, Dalton’s analytical chemistry laboratory offers method development, validation and ICH stability programs to its clients.

Further information may be found at http://www.dalton.com.

About GLyPharma Therapeutics Inc.:

GLyPharma was created in Montréal in August 2012 for the purpose of a strategic partnership between Ferring Pharmaceuticals, a European pharmaceutical company specialized in the discovery and development of active peptides, FONDS de solidarité FTQ and CTI Life Sciences Fund. GLyPharma has been granted by Ferring an exclusive worldwide license for development and commercialization of FE 203799, a long-acting GLP-2 receptor agonist with intestine-trophic and intestine-protective activity, as a first-in-class indication in supportive care in oncology for protection from chemotherapy-induced intestinal mucositis. Further information may be found at http://www.glypharma.com.

About Oral and Gastrointestinal Mucositis:

Mucositis is a frequent and debilitating side effect of anticancer chemotherapy, affecting the majority of patients receiving high-dose chemotherapy. It is characterized by ulcerating lesions in the entire gastrointestinal tract (from the mouth to the colon), and is caused by the death of epithelial cells which line the GI tract. Chemotherapeutic agents cannot discriminate between rapidly growing normal cells and neoplastic cells. Symptoms include abdominal pain, intense diarrhea, vomiting, and weight loss. The breakdown of the GI protective barrier results in a series of undesirable complications which can be potentially very harmful for the patient. Mucositis can lead to discontinuation of chemotherapy or reduction of therapeutic dose levels. Due to strategic advances in understanding the molecular basis of this very serious clinical problem, the development of drugs to prevent or treat mucositis has led to promising candidates like FE 203799, a long-acting GLP-2 receptor agonist with intestine-trophic and intestine-protective activity.

For further information, contact:

Peter Pekos,

President and CEO

Dalton Pharma Services

349 Wildcat Road

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Tel: 416-661-2102

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