LG Introduces An OLED TV That Can Be Rolled Up When Not In Use
July 11, 2014

LG Introduces An OLED TV That Can Be Rolled Up When Not In Use

Peter Suciu for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online

While the amount of living room real estate that a TV takes up has dramatically increased in recent years – the truth is that a TV just fills up space when it isn't in use. It isn't like you can roll it up when it isn't in use, or can you?

On Thursday LG Display announced the development of an 18-inch flexible OLED (organic light-emitting diode) panel that is flexible enough to be rolled up. This high-definition set offers a resolution of 1200x810 with nearly one million mega-pixels, while the curvature radius is 30R. According to LG, the panel can be rolled up to a radius of 3cm without affecting the function of the display.

The set can be rolled up because it is built using high molecular substance-based polyimide film as the backplane of the flexible panel rather than conventional plastic to achieve the maximum curvature radius. This polyimide film also helps reduce the thickness of the panel to significantly improve its flexibility.

However, no one should expect to see this set roll in to Best Buy anytime soon. It remains a proof of concept at this stage; yet, LG noted that this proves that a rollable TV of more than 50 inches could come to market in the future.

"The idea of a roll-up TV may sound like a solution to a problem no one has, but if you consider that the trend is for ever-larger TVs, being able to roll yours up when you've finished watching will mean it has less of an impact on your room," said Will Findlater, editor-in-chief of gadget magazine Stuff, as reported by Yahoo News. "The portable big-screen TV could be a fixture of the future home."

In addition to the flexible panel technology LG Display also announced that it has developed a transparent OLED panel that boasts 30 percent transmittance. LG Display said this was achieved by adopting the company's existing transparent pixel design technology. To develop this new panel the company engineers successfully lowered the haze of the panel, which is generated by using circuit devices and film components to a level of two percent. From this breakthrough development LG Display has been able to improve greatly the technology level of the transparent display.

The display maker noted that the transmittance of existing transparent LCD panels is around 10 percent, so this new panel offers significantly improved transmittance.

"LG Display pioneered the OLED TV market and is now leading the next-generation applied OLED technology," In-Byung Kang, senior vice president and head of the R&D Center at LG Display, said in a news statement. "We are confident that by 2017, we will successfully develop an Ultra HD flexible and transparent OLED panel of more than 60 inches, which will have transmittance of more than 40 percent and a curvature radius of 100R, thereby leading the future display market."

Digital Trends reported that it is likely that LG will bring these prototypes to the annual IFA electronics show this September in Berlin, Germany.

At this year's CES – formerly the Consumer Electronics Show – in Las Vegas LG Electronics unveiled its first commercially-ready Flexible OLED Curved panel TV, and last fall announced the G Flex, the first curved smartphone.

Clearly LG is looking to be ahead of, and even with, the curve.


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