ASOCS and Wind River Collaborate to Enable High Capacity Deployments of Virtual Base Stations

July 15, 2014

ROSH HA’AYIN, Israel, July 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –

ASOCS Ltd, a solution provider of virtual Base Stations is collaborating with Wind
River(R), a world leader in delivering software for intelligent connected systems, to
enable rapid and reliable mass market deployments of virtual Base Stations.

Service providers are adopting the ETSI ISG Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)
architectures in order to accelerate the deployment of new value-added services while
significantly reducing network capital and operating expenses. The virtualization of the
Mobile Base Station itself is the last bastion of proprietary and expensive hardware,
preventing networks from maximizing the benefits of datacentre type network topology.

In many ways the Base Station is just another appliance to be virtualized in the NFV
era. Similar to other network functions, it needs to comply with the fundamental approach
as outlined in the ETSI NFV framework. Yet, virtualizing a base station presents
tremendous challenges, specifically in adhering to real time performance processing which
is so critical in wireless Broadband 4G/5G technologies.

ASOCS’s virtual Base Station, based on its advanced Modem Processing Unit (MPU)
solution and Modem Programing Language (MPL) for Baseband and Signal-processing as a
Service (SPaaS) approach combined with Wind River Linux, the leading commercial-grade
embedded Linux platform, present a breakthrough in data plane performance of the Mobile
Base Station. Together with Wind River Linux, The ASOCS’ base station also employs Wind
River Open Virtualization, which delivers high performance, open-source, real-time kernel
virtualization (KVM) technologies.

“Virtual Base Stations (vBS) are poised to displace the current hardware, closed
garden/SoC based products,” said Eran Bello, Vice President of Products and Marketing,
ASOCS. “vBS will enable improved network performance, coverage and capacity and be
deployed in numerous network configurations including: Cloud – Radio Access Networks
[http://www.asocstech.com/Cloud-RAN.html ] (Cloud-RAN), traditional Macro cell sites,
In-building/Outdoor Distributed Antenna System (DAS) deployments and even Small Cells
[http://www.asocstech.com/Small_Cells.html ] implementations.” “ASOCS is the process of
establishing several key strategic alliances that would enable it to present reliable
solution directly to the carrier’s worldwide. The alliance with Wind River is one of the
cornerstones of our go to market strategy,” he added.

“Wind River helps developers achieve rapid open source innovation and implement highly
interoperable Linux projects for a variety of platforms,” said Dinyar Dastoor, Vice
President of Product Management, Wind River. “Designed for flexible, scalable build
systems with an optimized run-time, pre-integrated middleware packages for specific device
types, an integrated development environment, and top notch open source tools, Wind River
Linux helps customers save development time and costs to quickly develop NFV ready
solutions, such as the ASOCS’ virtual Base Station, right out of the box. The combination
of ASOCS’ technology and the performance optimization that Wind River Open Virtualization
brings to KVM is making the virtualization of base stations a reality.”


Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Rosh Haayin, Israel. ASOCS is a pioneer in
development of virtual Base Station [http://www.asocstech.com/vBS.html ] (vBS) solutions
enabled by its heterogeneous Modem Processing Unit (MPU), developed over the last decade
and designed to meet current and future requirements. ASOCS enables the highest possible
capacity baseband solution for next generation network topologies such as Cloud – Radio
Access Networks [http://www.asocstech.com/Cloud-RAN.html ] (Cloud-RAN) and other wireless
infrastructure cells, from small to macro and beyond. For more information, visit


        ASOCS's Press Contact:
        Paz Saad
        ASOCS Ltd.
        Tel: +972-3-901-2090


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