Canadian Technology Company offers Canadian Government a solution to protect against Foreign Government Sponsored Attacks

July 30, 2014

OTTAWA, July 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – The Canadian Government’s Chief
Information Officer confirmed yesterday that Chinese state sponsored
hackers have been found to be breaking into the networks of the
National Research Council (NRC) – the leading research body for the
government. Media reports say that there is concern at the highest
levels of the government and that Foreign Minister John Baird met his
counterpart in China, and had a comprehensive discussion on the

Wael Aggan, CEO of CloudMask, a Canadian company specializing in data security said that “besides
the embarrassment caused, the true damage to national security may
never be discovered or fixed. Proactive measures are therefore required
to protect data before our opponents hack it. Our defenses have been
breached and at least now we need to put strong defensive measures in

CloudMask is the winner of the Canadian Innovation Commercialization
Program (CICP) and has been evaluated by the Shared Service Canada
(SSC), a Canadian Federal Government department, for integration with
their security infrastructure. CloudMask had communicated, during the
last few months, with the Treasury Board and other Government
departments to highlight the threats to the Canadian Cyber
infrastructure and to explain CloudMask capabilities in protection of
the Federal Government in case of total breach.

Wael Aggan reiterated his company’s commitment to Canadian security and
said that “this is a real wake up call to protect our assets, our
intellectual property and our information in a world where our
adversaries can be much stronger than us, I’m sure that this breach
represents only the tip of the iceberg. Many breaches could be in
progress even at this moment”. Wael says “the effect of most breaches
that target data are preventable. Earlier this year the “Heartbleed”
attack raised alarms when the Canada Revenue Agency was breached. Such
attacks are increasing in frequency and are continuing to cause greater

CloudMask solution is based on a “Zero Trust Model’. CloudMask security
works with the premise that no one can be trusted with data – including
the IT administrators and employees. CloudMask secures data at the very
moment of its creation. Strong encryption, tokenization and masking
ensure data security even if a hacker has currently broken into your
network. CloudMask ensures that all existing applications will continue
to function normally with the data it has secured and that data will
never travel, process or be stored in clear text.

CloudMask has partnered with companies such as Entrust, SalesForce and
Amazon to deliver the best possible security solution without
compromising application functionality in any way.

The CloudMask solution is currently going through Common Criteria
Certification to meet the security certification required to operate
with Governments in 26 Countries.

About CloudMask

CloudMask is a Canadian company that offers data protection to secure
sensitive data in the Cloud and on premises. Data is protected even in
the event of a total breach. Data is kept secure from any hacker, Cloud
administrator, Government, and even your own employees and
administrators. CloudMask helps you meet data residency and regulations
since your private data never leaves the end device and only masked and
secured data is stored in the Cloud. The owner of the data is the only
one who maintains control of decryption keys and decides who should get
access to data.

Elimination of any need for special encryption gateways or VPNs
simplifies the deployment process and achieves zero deployment cost and
minimizes time to deploy.

CloudMask Videos: www.vimeo.com/cloudmask

SOURCE CloudMask Corp

Source: PR Newswire

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