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August 26, 2014

Turn Your Dog Into A Lifelogger With The New GoPro Fetch Harness

Eric Hopton for - Your Universe Online

Your pet pooch could be the next Ridley Scott, Francis Ford Coppola or Martin Scorsese. A new pet harness allows you to strap a camera on your budding movie-director dog and send him or her out into the big wide world to bring back a permanent record of what they get up to.

Attaching cameras to animals is not exactly new. It’s become something of a craze and the weapon of choice for many is the GoPro camera range. The GoPro is hailed as “the camera that started a revolution” and its tough, durable and waterproof construction made it ideal for those seeking to capture moving and still images of their everyday lives. With the ability to record high definition video, it soon became a firm favorite with lovers of the great outdoors and extreme sports who used it to capture epic moments from the top of the mountains to underwater adventures. The next step came naturally, using the cameras to capture images of the world as animals experience it.

Now GoPro has made the whole thing a lot easier with their specially-created Fetch Dog Harness. The new mount is made to be compatible with any GoPro camera. “Digging, running, swimming, hunting and exploring – dogs can now showcase their world using the new Fetch mount.”

Fetch retails at $59.99 and ships with two mounting position options. It can be fitted to the chest for those “bone-chewing, digging and front-paw action” shots or alternatively on the dog’s back for “over-the-head shots of running, jumping, fetch and more.” If you have two cameras available, you can attach one to each mounting point and get images from both perspectives.

The harness is designed to be as “dog-friendly” as possible. It can be adjusted to fit any dog weighing between 15 and 120 pounds in comfort. GoPro say the chest-mount is removable to allow the harness to fit smaller dogs. Padding has been added at all adjustment points. Like the cameras it is designed to carry, the Fetch is built for use in all terrains and is made of “washable, water-friendly material” so that mud, swimming, or splashing through the waves won’t cause a problem. Hand or machine washing will get the harness clean. A “camera tether” is included to make sure the camera is held safely even if your animal gets so carried away it manages to shake the GoPro loose from the harness. A quick-release base allows for easy attachment and removal of the GoPro itself.

So if you fancy trying the Fetch out on your own version of man’s best friend, take a look at GoPro’s instructional video on how to attach and use the harness and get those pictures rolling. As GoPro puts it: “enjoy the adventure with your favorite furry friend” and if you are a confirmed lifelogger it may be time to let your dog in on the fun.

GoPro does warn potential users that Fetch is “not intended for walking or restraining your dog” and that owners should never leave their dog unattended wearing the Fetch harness.

At the time of this post, the GoPro Fetch appears to be out of stock. We're sure there are more on the way soon, however.


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