Logicalis US Says Proper Management of IT Resources Ultimately Impacts User Experience

August 26, 2014

Solution Provider IDs Four Ways IT Pros can Properly Manage Virtual Resources

NEW YORK, Aug. 26, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — The key to a truly successful, useful and fully functional IT environment – whether on-premise or in the cloud – is being able to manage and control available resources. According to Logicalis US, an international IT solutions and managed services provider (www.us.logicalis.com), a CIO’s choice of centralized IT management application will affect the efficiency and functionality of the organization’s IT environment as a whole – and ultimately, the overall user experience – something that’s sure to be a hot topic at VMworld this week. To help IT pros explore their options, Logicalis has identified four ways VMware can help IT pros manage virtual resources.


“Proper management of a virtualized environment will of course yield lower overall IT costs for an organization,” says Kevin Gruneisen, Senior Director, Cloud and Data Center Solutions, Logicalis US. “But perhaps the most important reason to manage those resources well is to improve IT’s ability to respond quickly to requests for resources. If the IT department is properly managing its virtual machines, when a corporate user requests compute resources for an upcoming project, the CIO can simply open their self-service portal, for example, and see what resources are available and where. If they are, and if the project is budgeted, those requested resources can be easily provisioned. The difference between knowing and not knowing what you have available all comes down to management and the tools an IT pro chooses to use for that purpose. Speed and efficiency are two ingredients to business success and byproducts of good management.”

Four Ways VMware Can Help You Manage Virtual Resources

    1. Controlling Virtual Sprawl: Justifications for moving from a physical to
       a virtual environment are easy to find - reduced costs and complexity,
       easier management, faster access to resources.  However, based on the
       simplicity with which virtual resources can be created and allocated, IT
       departments have to guard against virtualization sprawl, creating more
       virtual machines than are needed.  Because virtual machines have the same
       support, security and compliance issues that physical machines do, the
       cost of server sprawl can be significant.  To capture the advantages of a
       virtualized environment, IT pros need to implement tools designed to help
       them pinpoint virtualization sprawl and to reclaim virtual resources when
       they are no longer being used.
    2. Creating Custom Dashboards: You can't manage what you can't see.
       Creating customized dashboards that give you the ability to oversee your
       environment on a day-to-day basis all from a single pane of glass gives
       you the ability to monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of your
       environment and the strategies and solutions you have in place.
    3. Capacity Planning: After reigning in any virtual sprawl and setting up a
       dashboard for clear visibility of your resources, capacity planning is a
       good next step in effectively managing your environment.  It's critical
       to know when you are going to need to add resources from compute and
       memory to storage.
    4. Automation and Orchestration: Once you have a highly efficient
       environment, automation is a natural evolutionary step; by automating
       important processes and creating templates for routine procedures, you
       can ensure best-in-class IT performance while keeping staffing and other
       overhead costs low.

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