November 10, 2014

World’s First Solar-Powered Bike Path Opening In Amsterdam

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online

As if the Dutch couldn’t add another great perk to Amsterdam, they’re now building the world’s first solar-powered bike path.

According to the Guardian, a 230-foot stretch of SolaRoad will officially open later this week in the suburbs of Amsterdam. It will feature a skid-resistant layer of tempered glass, which protects the crystalline silicon solar cells beneath it.

These cells are connected to an electric grid and will eventually produce enough energy to power two to three homes--once the path extends to its 2016 estimated length of 328 feet. This, it’s hoped, will be used to power traffic signals and street lights.

Solar Roadways is also attempting to bring the same technology to the US, and their hope is to actually place it in roadways. It remains to be seen, however, if this will actually work. Anyone who’s lost a tire or front end to potholes might argue it’s a lost cause. For now, we’ll remain optimistic with bicycles.


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