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January 5, 2015

redOrbit arrives at CES 2015 (after losing plane engine)

Mark Lee Rollins for - Your Universe Online

Editor's note: We will be running live updates all week from CES. This was an email from our resident tech nerd and CES correspondent Mark Lee Rollins this morning.

Getting to Vegas was a bit of an ordeal, as the connection was delayed, then delayed on the ground in Detroit Metro, awaiting a jetway operator. The good news is that the flight to Las Vegas was also delayed; so I and the luggage made it.

Landing with one engine shut down is not how I expected to attend CES for redOrbit. Having traveled globally for about 25 years, I've always lucked out, and the worst had been a cancelled flight.

Of course, one engine out was a bit more problematic, as this flight (Delta 1917) was a 757-200, and generally requires two engines. The pilots, to their credit, were very professional and reassuring. And every man and woman placed their faith in the pilots; there was no panic.

At the terminal, while everyone else was waiting for their luggage, I was over at the CES badge kiosk. Got my badge very quickly, then the luggage came, and went out to get a taxi; passing 30 or 40 people in the badge line now.

Tomorrow is "Press Day" and it will be busy.

FitBit health tracker says:

4,320 steps
1.77 miles
17 floors

(By the way - you know you're in Las Vegas as event the airport has slots!)


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