jurassic world trailer
April 20, 2015

VIDEO: The new, freaking epic ‘Jurassic World’ trailer

Christopher Pilny for redOrbit.com - @NotRealChainsaw

Since Thanksgiving, it's basically been Christmas every month or so for Jurassic Park fans, as new trailers for June 12's Jurassic World are finding their way onto TV and YouTube.

Personally speaking, I've watched each on the order of 70 times, trying to catch glimpses of the new and mysterious dinosaur Indominus Rex. Well, with the newest trailer, we finally get the full scope of her. ("She's killing for sport.")

We also get more peeks at Chris Pratt training the raptors, and the mosasaurus eating a pterodactyl. It's freaking epic, and well worth 2.5 minutes of your day.

In the words of John Arnold (RIP): "Hold on to your butts."


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