June 5, 2015

Astrapi Corporation presented at the 2015 Telecom Council of Silicon Valley Innovation Showcase

Astrapi Corporation was one of twenty companies selected from one hundred competing applications that presented at the Telecom Council of Silicon Valley 2015 Innovation Showcase in Sunnyvale, CA.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) June 05, 2015

Traditional signal modulation is based on complex circles. Astrapi will demonstrate its patented spiral-based signal modulation, based on new mathematics, which introduces a symbol waveform design parameter that has never been exploited before. This provides new tools for mitigating coherent interference, phase noise, and other channel impairments. Furthermore, Astrapi’s technology and mathematics for the first time puts non-periodic signal modulation on a firm theoretical basis. Classical channel capacity theory implicitly assumes that signals are based on periodic functions. Non-periodic signal modulation potentially opens a pathway to dramatically higher spectral efficiency, limited by hardware capabilities rather than solely by available bandwidth and signal-to-noise power ratio.

Dr. Jerrold Prothero, Astrapi’s CEO and founder, said “Astrapi joined the Telecom Council of Silicon Valley in January after attending TC3 2014. We were extremely impressed with the quality of the member companies and people involved in the organization. The mission of the Council is perfectly aligned with Astrapi and we are excited to be one of a select few accepted as a presenting company. Our membership in the Council will be instrumental in enabling Astrapi to lead the way as the industry migrates from periodic to non-periodic symbol waveform generation. Spiral-based signal modulation is well-positioned to address the needs of those transmitting large amounts of content in power constrained, noisy environments.“

ABOUT Astrapi Corporation

Astrapi is the pioneer of spiral-based signal modulation, which opens an unexplored area for innovation at the core of telecommunications. Based on a generalization of Euler’s formula, the foundational mathematics for telecom, Astrapi provides fundamentally new ways to design the symbol waveforms used to encode digital transmissions. By applying new mathematics to signal modulation, Astrapi is able to improve the trade-off between the four fundamental parameters in telecommunications: bandwidth, signal power, data throughput, and error rate. The resulting efficiency translates into higher spectral performance with more bits available at a lower cost.


About The Telecom Council of Silicon Valley

The Telecom Council of Silicon Valley is “where telecom meets innovation”, connecting companies and individuals involved in the communications technology industry for business development, collaboration, and education. The Council provides the network, tools, framework, and meetings to bring together the industry's critical mass of wireless and fixed telecom companies, research, ideas, capital, and human expertise to create a hub for local telecom professionals and increase their global visibility. Using interactive forums, public and private executive discussions, social meetings, seminars, road shows - including taking our companies abroad and touring visitors through local companies, introductions, and mentoring - in-person and online, the Council provides a gathering place for industry to connect, communicate, and collaborate. Today the Telecom Council of Silicon Valley has 5 Forums, including the original Service Provider Forum, and our membership has grown to include startups, VCs, infrastructure companies, and companies who are not based in Silicon Valley but work here regularly.


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