February 27, 2017

(VIDEO) Boston Dynamics’ amazing new robot ‘Handle’ is the stuff of nightmares

Boston Dynamics is a company that keeps blowing our minds-- it seems as if they cook up a new, even crazier robot every couple months. Their new robot, Handle, is the latest of their inventions showcased to the public.

Handle is a wheeled, semi-humanoid robot standing 6.5 feet tall. The robot is amazingly fast and agile with a top speed of 9mph and a total range of 15 miles before needing to be recharged.

The video showcases the robot's ability to lift and move one hundred pounds, travel down a hill, move each leg independently, and jump four feet in the air. Just check it out (nightmare warning):

This robot really feels like something out of a science fiction movie. It's also one of the first creations that seems like it could be very useful in a commercial setting after some refinement. Something like this could easily zip around the house, cleaning and tidying as it went. Or maybe someone's going to put a gun on it send it off to war.

Let's hope for the first one.


Image credit: Boston Dynamics/YouTube