November 1, 2007

Mstar Announces Fastest Internet Connection in United States

Mstar, the nation's leading provider of Internet, TV and Phone services over an all-fiber IP network, now provides the nation's fastest Internet connection with its new 50Mbps residential product.

The Utah-based service provider today announced it began offering a 50Mbps connection to the Internet over the UTOPIA network October 22.

"The United States has consistently been dropping in worldwide broadband rankings since 2001," said Ben Gould, Mstar's president and chief executive officer. "We're proud to finally have a product right here in Utah that can keep pace with the top-ranked broadband markets around the world."

Mstar's standard 15Mbps product was already an industry leader; the new 50Mbps symmetrical connection is at least four times faster than the fastest cable connections on download speeds and more than 10 times faster on uploads. A new customer reported it took more than 20 minutes to upload six photos using his old high-speed cable service. He now reports the same upload takes less than 20 seconds with his new Mstar fiber-optic connection.

"With this connection, the Web sites you visit or your PC will now be the limiting factors to the speed you experience, but you'll absolutely have the fastest connection to the Internet available in the United States today," Gould said.

"With new, Web-based technologies coming online every day, increased broadband capability becomes more and more important," Gould said. "The fiber-optic technology we use allows us to offer our customers more bandwidth than providers over antiquated copper-wire technology."

Gould said Mstar's 50Mbps Internet connection lays the groundwork for a true converged IP experience.

"In the near future we will be adding the ability for users to control their phone, TV, home security, even home appliances from the Web," he said. "The problem has always been where to find the bandwidth to do that. That's not a problem in a fiber-optics to the home network."

The 50Mbps product is currently available to Mstar customers only on the UTOPIA network.

UTOPIA, or Utah Telecommunication Open Infrastructure Agency, includes 14 Utah cities that have joined together to create one of the nation's largest, fastest and most robust fiber-optic networks.

For more information about Mstar, please visit or call (877) 623-6006.

For more information about UTOPIA, please visit or call (801) 990-5450.

About Mstar

Mstar is the nation's leading provider of IP-based services and offers the fastest Internet, clearest TV and richest Phone package over a fiber-optic network. Operating on world-class fiber-optic networks, Mstar brings cutting-edge convergence technology to the home and offers its customers the ultimate in bandwidth performance.


The UTOPIA Community MetroNet is an ultra-broadband fiber-optic network established by 14 Utah communities to provide their citizens with world-class telecommunications infrastructure and services.