November 11, 2007

Ukrainian TV Says Child Porn Easily Available in Kiev

Excerpt from report by private One Plus One TV on 11 November

[Presenter] Ukrainians found themselves in the centre of another European scandal. The European police uncovered a global network of child porn. The Italian who was arrested sold scandalous video featuring girls from nine to 16 years of age. The majority of them are reportedly from Ukraine.

However, our police has not confirmed that they are Ukrainian children. Protecting the honour of their uniform, they say that they are uncovering people linked to the production and distribution of child porn together with Interpol.

However, my colleague, Yuliya Dechuk, saw how easily one can buy it at a Kiev market and even order a plot according to one's liking. Yuliya, is it so simple? Distribution of porn in Ukraine is illegal, is it?

[Dechuk] Yes. Theoretically, it is prohibited to sell porn, moreover child porn, in Ukraine. But in reality such video is sold via the Internet and simply at markets. We visited the Petrivka market last Friday [9 November], and here is the result of the experiment [shows a disk]. This disk contains five hours of child porn. When the seller of erotic video saw my interested look he offered me something more interesting. He had a choice of several disks. Advertising his products, he told me that others have old collections for 100 dollars, and his new collections cost only 300 hryvnyas [60 dollars]. When I asked about the guarantee that the disk contains the video I want, he told me has been selling this kind of video for six years and he has permanent customers, and even when the police carry out raids at the market he is never closed.

[Presenter] But the police say they are constantly fighting sex crimes, including the production of porn video.

[Dechuk] They can say much, but I managed not only to buy a video, I also could order the video I want. If I did this on Friday I would have the disk today [11 November]. What is frightening is that the first attempt to find children and persuade them to pose at a photo session was successful. Parents simply don't warn their children about this kind of danger. Although a lot of child porn is being filmed in Ukraine, and children from abroad are brought to Ukraine to humiliate them here, film it and transmit via the Internet.

[Presenter] Because it is easier to do this here.

[Dechuk] Yes, because it is easier here. There are several reasons for this. We have a gap in legislation. We don't have a specific definition of child porn. We don't have a punishment for keeping and private use of such products. Although in Canada, for instance, you will be put in prison for five years for looking for child porn in the Internet. But the main problem is poor training of our police. They don't have specialists of this level. As we will see [in the correspondent's report], there is only one man dealing with the problem of child porn in the police.

[Passage omitted: A hidden-camera report about the correspondent's attempt to hire girls for a photo session and buy a porn disk at a market, all faces blurred.]

Originally published by One Plus One TV, Kiev, in Ukrainian 1730 11 Nov 07.

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