November 21, 2007

Research and Markets: New Brief Analyses the Strengths and Weaknesses of HP’s Application Lifecycle Management Offering

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Datamonitor's new report: The HP ALM Radars (Vendor Focus) to their offering.


This brief analyses the strengths and weaknesses of HP's Application Lifecycle Management offering. HP is rated according to its market impact, user sentiment and technology strength.


Technology: an assessment of HP's technology based on specific attributes and the availability of certain features. User sentiment: tracks end-users impression of HP's products and services based on a survey of over 210 ALM IT managers. Market impact: measures HP's market impact based on its revenues, installed base, geographic presence, growth, and R&D investments.


Enterprise users are progressively moving away from point solutions in the application development space towards well integrated Application Lifecycle Management solutions that help them manage the entire lifecycle of application development, deployment, and ongoing management and monitoring. The ALM market is in the midst of transformation, with new players entering the market and established ones growing through acquisition. With technology equivalence an expected feature of this market in the medium term, vendors not only need to offer strong technology solutions but also differentiate on a variety of strategies and business models.

Reasons to Purchase

Gain detailed knowledge of HP's strengths with regards to technology, user sentiment and market impact. Enterprise IT managers will gain valuable insights that help inform and improve their ALM purchasing decisions. ALM vendors can benchmark their own performance against HP across various evaluation criteria.





The ALM market is consolidating in more than one direction

Technology Definitions

Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

Requirements Management (RM)

Change and Configuration Management (CCM)

Model-driven Development (MDD)

Build, Deploy and Release Management (BRM)

Test Management (TM)

Application Performance Management (APM)


HP: ALM Radars

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User Sentiment

Market Impact

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