December 31, 2007

Worldwide Carbon Fiber Competitive Analysis: Majority of Carbon Fiber Producers to Lose Market Share, Winners Identified

DALLAS, Dec. 31 /PRNewswire/ -- Over the past 12 months, the level of demand for carbon fiber and carbon fiber reinforced composites has steadily increased in striking parallel with the number of industrial applications using composite materials. From aerospace, to sporting goods, to wind energy, carbon fiber is rapidly gaining acceptance as an alternative material to metals, wood and plastics and is becoming more widely recognized for its high- performance characteristics.

Yet firms that produce carbon fiber and carbon fiber reinforced composites are approaching market opportunities with starkly different strategies. In a major new research report, Worldwide Carbon Fiber Competitive Analysis and Leadership Study, 2007, Lucintel's analysts examine and profile seven of the world's leading carbon fiber producers -- a full competitive analysis from target markets, to product mapping, to selling strategy, to production capabilities. Leadership closely examined and rated each carbon fiber maker on two primary criteria as shown below:

   1. Alignment with market opportunity   2. Ability to gain market share   
Collected from a series of primary vendor interviews and secondary sources, this report provides complete profiles of the following companies: Cytec, Hexcel, Mitsubishi Rayon Co., SGL, Toray, Toho-Tenax, and Zoltek.

   Some of the highlights of this report are:   -- Carbon fiber demand growth is projected to increase at about 10%      annually in next 5 years.   -- Most of the leading suppliers are projected to lose market share over      the next 2 years.  SGL, Toray and Zoltek to gain market shares in next      2 years.   -- Market shares of carbon fiber vendors in aerospace, industrial and      sporting goods market are identified.   -- In terms of product range for carbon fiber market, Toray ranked number      one.   -- In terms of net income to revenue, MRC ranked number one.   -- In terms of return on equity, Hexcel ranked number 1.   

Lucintel's Leadership Quadrant considers a variety of critical factors -- from management effectiveness to product range to market strength to financial strength- and then ranks each firm accordingly on the grid for quick comparison.

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