January 16, 2008

Local Communications Network, Inc. – BringCom, L.L.C. Merger Complete

We are pleased to announce that the merger between Local Communications Network, Inc. ("LCN") and BringCom, L.L.C. was completed on December 28, 2007. The new company will be operating under the name of BringCom Incorporated. Mr. Fabrice Langreney, founder and President of BringCom L.L.C., will become President and CEO of BringCom Incorporated.

BringCom, L.L.C. is a provider of affordable communications (voice/data/video) solutions in the US, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Central America. Their understanding of technology advances and international operational knowledge coupled with their in-country support enables them to offer competitive pricing and quality services.

LCN is a telecommunications service company with the experience and expertise to provide wireless connectivity to local telephone companies, commercial companies, and long distance carriers. LCN is licensed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as a domestic and international satellite service provider (carrier), a reseller of international telecommunications traffic (voice, data, video, and Internet), and a provider of high-speed broadband wireless networks and connectivity for both end users and US long distance carriers.

The merged company, BringCom Incorporated becomes a leading provider of telecommunication solutions. "The synergies between LCN and BringCom L.L.C. will create a dynamic company that will meet the demand for telecommunication services via satellite and wireless in various regions of the world but particularly in the US and Africa," said Mr. Aziz Bennani, Chief Operating Officer. Please forward your request for further details to our Office Manager, Jennifer Corbin at the address and telephone number provided below.

About BringCom Incorporated:

BringCom Incorporated is a telecommunications service provider that delivers complete wireless solutions to government and private customers in the US and Africa. BringCom telecommunications services include satellite broadband Internet, VSAT/wireless local loop services and a suite of wholesale and retail VoIP services.

For more information about BringCom Incorporated, visit its Web site at www.bringcom.com.