February 20, 2008

ZINFI Technologies Names Sugata Sanyal President and Chief Executive Officer to Drive Growth of Managed Solutions Services for Small to Mid-Sized Channel Partners

PLEASANTON, Calif., Feb. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- ZINFI Technologies Inc., an emerging force in managed IT solutions for small and medium businesses, has appointed Sugata Sanyal President and Chief Executive Officer. Under Sanyal's leadership, ZINFI will focus on providing solutions and support services that provide a rapid, streamlined and cost-effective way for channel partners to transition their business models to managed service provider (MSP).

Sanyal was previously Vice President, Content Security and Managed security at SonicWALL, Inc., where he played a pivotal role in driving corporate growth and profitability through acquisitions, technology development and innovative channel initiatives. During his tenure at SonicWALL, Sanyal led the creation of successful subscription and managed services offerings designed to fuel profitable and sustainable businesses for value added resellers.

Approximately 85% of small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) in North America currently use managed services to address their technology needs, industry research indicates. Analyst consensus also agrees that demand for managed services will continue to rise in 2008 and beyond, as SMBs seek to reduce the cost of technology ownership and maximize the efficiency of their IT systems. This opportunity presents a challenge to SMB channel partners wishing to serve this market. To do so, they must transition from providing and making technology work for end users, to making appropriate levels of service and solutions accessible to their clients in the most economical way.

"ZINFI provides a game-changing combination of technologies, services, business relationships and people that enable SMB channel partners to move into the MSP market in just 90 days," said Sanyal. "Our end-to-end solutions are integrated and automated, and are designed to minimize or even eliminate the high upfront capital costs normally associated with making the transition to an MSP model. Our service offerings are highly differentiated. They range from proprietary application development to network management tools, and additionally leverage an increasing set of strategic OEM relationships."

"SMBs expect their managed services resellers to provide guaranteed levels of support and service and ZINFI is uniquely geared to help the channel overcome this challenge without breaking the bank," said James Carter, Chief Technology Officer at solutions provider Integration Works. "I have known and respected Sugata as a channel champion for a long time and am very pleased to see him leading this new initiative."

"ZINFI Technologies bring together a great combination of services, technologies, business relationships and people that will help more channel partners deliver a true MSP service. I am glad to see Sugata Sanyal at the helm," said Deepak Thadani, President and Chief Executive Officer at solutions provider SysIntegrators LLC. "It is important for our industry to be able to improve productivity, speed growth and generate increased revenues without high administrative overheads."

Prior to SonicWALL, Sanyal was a director at Philips Electronics. His experience spans over 20 years in roles including general management, product management, marketing, development and manufacturing of high-tech and consumer products & services in a global environment. Sanyal has been instrumental in successful, large-scale new business development through mergers and acquisitions, product launch and roll out, channel development and corporate expansion.

A privately-owned and profitable company, ZINFI is a master service provider offering managed, outsourced software and web solutions, network management, help desk and staffing support for small to mid-sized organizations. Core services include web and software development, network management and help desk support. Over the past five years, ZINFI has developed a broad customer base, becoming an integrated business partner for a growing number of US businesses.

About ZINFI Technologies, Inc.

ZINFI Technologies helps OEM vendors and their channel partners worldwide achieve profitable growth rapidly and affordably by streamlining the transition to a managed services provider model. OEM partners can increase their market reach by leveraging ZINFI's dynamic partner portal platform to deliver services including recruitment, training, support, deal registration and fulfillment. IT solutions providers can use ZINFI's automated managed services platform and strategic OEM relationships to migrate their business models to MSP with minimum investment. ZINFI's integrated channel solutions automation (CSA) platform comprises technologies, automated processes and services delivery. For further information, go to http://www.zinfi.com/.

About The Integration Works

Founded in 1994, The Integration Works provides networking and security consulting and management services to small and mid-sized businesses around and Orange County, California and Phoenix, Arizona. For more information, visit the company website at http://www.integrationworks.com/.

About SysIntegrators, LLC

SysIntegrators, LLC provides premium quality business and technical solutions to small and mid-sized companies in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut areas. SysIntegrators, LLC specializes in security, networking and Windows/Unix/Linux integration services. For more information, visit the company web site at http://www.sysintegrators.com/.

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