February 29, 2008

2008 Aoc Industry Member Guide

By Anonymous



5301 Stevens Creek Blvd.

Santa Clara, CA 95051

Phone: 877-424-4536

Fax: 408-345-8474

President and CEO: Bill Sullivan

AOC contact: Jim Gigrich, Director, National security Programs

Agilent Technologies is a global technology leader delivering critical tools and technologies that sense, measure and interpret the physical and biological world. The company's innovative solutions enable a wide range of customers in communications, electronics, life sciences and chemical analysis to make technological advances that drive productivity and improve the way people live and work. Products and services include leading-edge measurement solutions for nextgeneration EW.

Agilent enables the aerospace/ defense transformation with synthetic instruments and LXI technology backed by Agilent's leading scopes, signal, logic and network analyzers, signal sources, pulse generators and more. Agilent's solutions are used across the military services for both air and ground applications. Agilent uses its world-leading expertise in communications technology to provide security and surveillance agencies a unique, accurate and comprehensive source of intelligence from telecom networks. Agilent views network-based intelligence as a strategic priority, and is extending its proven and powerful capabilities in this important area.



1601 Research Blvd.

Rockville, MD 20850


Phone: 301-838-6000

Fax: 301-838-6925

President and CEO: Walt Havenstein

BAE Systems is the US subsidiary of BAE Systems pic, an international company engaged in the development, delivery and support of advanced defense and aerospace systems in the air, on land, at sea and in space. Headquartered in Rockville, MD, BAE Systems employs some 53,000 employees in the US, the UK, Sweden, Israel, Germany, Mexico, Switzerland and South Africa, generating annual sales in excess of $10 billion. BAE Systems consists of three operating groups that provide support and service solutions for current and future defense, intelligence and civilian systems; design, develop and manufacture a wide range of electronic systems and subsystems for both military and commercial applications; produce specialized security and protection products for law enforcement and first responders; and design, develop, produce and provide service support of armored combat vehicles, artillery systems and intelligent munitions.


PO Box 516

St. Louis, MO 63166

President and CEO: Jim Albaugh

A unit of The Boeing Company, Boeing Integrated Defense Systems is one of the world's largest space and defense businesses. Headquartered in St. Louis, MO, Boeing Integrated Defense Systems is a $30.8-billion business. It provides network-centric system solutions to its global military, government and commercial customers. It is a leading provider of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems; the world's largest military aircraft manufacturer; the world's largest satellite manufacturer; a foremost developer of advanced concepts and technologies; a leading provider of space-based communications; the primary systems integrator for US missile defense; NASA's largest contractor; and a global leader in sustainment solutions and launch services.



1500 Parkway Whiteley

Fareham, Hampshire

P015 7AF, UK

Phone: +44-1489-881880

Fax: +44-1489-881123

CEO: Dr. David Price

AOC contact: Rik Armitage, Business Development Director

[email protected]

Chemring Group is the largest producer of IR expendable countermeasure decoys. Operating through its three key companies, Alloy Surfaces Inc. (US), Chemring Countermeasures (UK) and Kilgore Flares (US), Chemring provides a full range of IR decoys to all the US armed forces, NATO and non-NATO countries. Chemring Group companies are key providers in leading advanced decoy programs.

Alloy Surfaces produces special material decoys (SMDs) for all US armed services. This advanced, spectrally-matched material used in both preemptive and reactive modes provides a significant capability for aircraft to operate at all altitudes against the most advanced IR missiles.

Chemring Countermeasures is the UK design authority for IR decoys and chaff payloads. The company provides an extensive range of spectral and MTV decoys and payloads for most types of air platforms, naval ships and land vehicles. Chemring Countermeasures' Modular Expendable Block (MEB) decoy solutions are expanding the capability of decoys and increasing mission duration. Chemring Countermeasures has an extensive IR decoy and payload research and development center, which features state-of-the-art modeling and simulation and a full environmental test facility for the integration and clearance of its products.

Kilgore Flares is the largest US producer of IR decoys. Kilgore leads the MTV decoy mass production industry with its state-of-the- art and fullyautomated plant in Tennessee. The facilities also provide for the full-scale manufacture of both land vehicle and naval shipborne multispectral payloads.

Chemring Group also is a founding member of the Raven Alliance, which focuses on EW/IW training and support solutions.


10301 Willows Rd.

Redmond, WA 98052


Phone: 425-895-4053

Fax: 425-882-1990

President: David Bender

The Electronics Group of Crane Aerospace & Electronics designs and manufactures high-density, highreliability electronics for military/ defense, aerospace, space and industrial applications. Each company is ISO 9001- and/or AS 9100-certified and committed to operational excellence and world-class processes. Its brands are ELDEC, General Technology, Interpoint, Keltec, Olektron and Signal Technology. It offers solutions in power, microwave systems, microelectronics and electronic manufacturing.

Its power solutions products have proven performance in military/ defense, aerospace, space and industrial applications. The company offers low voltage/low power, high voltage/low power, high voltage/ high power, low voltage/high power and off-theshelf DC/DC converters/ EMI filters. Its EW/radar applications span the range from embedded power to transmitters. Its products weather harsh environments and continue to perform to specification.

Its microwave systems solutions specialize in the design and manufacture of high-performance millimeter wave, microwave, RF and IF components, subsystems and systems for military/defense, industrial and military end-use customers. Its engineering team's expertise ranges from its components architectures through full system engineering, especially for complex designs in severe environments. Its value proposition is complete customer satisfaction through variation elimination throughout the enterprise processes.

Its electronic manufacturing and microelectronics solutions provide custom design, contract manufacturing and build-to-print solutions for microelectronics, cards, subsystems and systems.

Crane Aerospace & Electronics is a segment of Crane Co. and a major supplier of critical aircraft and electronic systems and components.

Crane Co. is a diversified manufacturer of engineered industrial products providing products and solutions to customers in the aerospace, electronics, hydrocarbon processing, petrochemical, chemical, power generation, automated merchandising, transportation and other markets.



60 E. 42nd St.

New York, NY 10165


Phone: 212-716-2000

Fax: 212-716-2050

President and CEO: James M. Smith

VP of Business Development: Milo Hyde

EW sector VP: Ed Palacio

AOC contact: Glen Haviland, Director of Business Development, EW Sector

Phone: 631-630-5309

EDO Corporation is a world leader in the design and manufacture of EW systems and products. The company is focused primarily on ELINT, ESM, ECM and force protection segments of the EW market. EDO provides a full range of signal collection systems and exciters for the EW market.

EDO products include signal collection, direction-finding, range monitoring, signal processing and exciter equipment and systems for military and intelligence applications for the US and its allies for use on surface, subsurface, land-based, airborne and ground-mobile platforms.

EDO products span the following business areas: airborne SIGINT, maritime patrol ESM, tactical ELINT/ ESM, ocean systems special collections systems, range monitoring, COMINT, naval ESM/ELINT, radar warning receivers, self-protection jamming systems, tactical jamming systems, counter-IED jamming systems and communication jamming systems.

EDO provides EW engineering, systems maintenance and flight test support services to the US Air Force and other aerospace companies. EDO provides a series of test equipment to support EW testing in both lab and flight-line or flight environments, including threat simulators and data capture and playback systems. The company's commitment to quality in its products and services is evidenced by its years of ISO-9001 certification.


13873 Park Center Rd.

Herndon, VA 20171

www.ewa.com Phone: 703-904-5700

Fax: 703-904-5779

President and CEO: Carl N. Guerreri

AOC contact: Edward T. Connolly, Executive VP

Electronic Warf are Associates (EWA) is a broad-based technology company providing professional services and specialized products to both US and foreign customers. Committed to quality and customer support, EWA prides itself on overcoming technological challenges, delivering on-time products for its customers and providing continuing service.

With 1,000 employees located in corporate offices and on-site throughout the US, Canada and Australia, EWA provides focused attention to its customers. Its employees are highlyskilled engineers with many years of experience in industry, government and the military.

EWA provides an ever-broadening range of innovative technology solutions for governments and industries. New requirements mean new answers must be found. EWA is renowned for its research and development capabilities, particularly for the military. Its continuing internal research and development keeps this company on the technology edge. From advanced communications devices to digital signal processing, to information and infrastructure security, EWA is a technology leader.


Via Tiburtina

Valeria Km 13.7

00131 Rome, Italy


Phone: +39-064154-1

Fax: +39-064154924

[email protected]

President and CEO: Dr. Ing. Enzo Benigni

AOC contact: Gianni Carlini, Public Relations Manager

ELETTRONICA S.p.A., founded in 1951, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of EW equipment and one of the few companies almost exclusively dedicated to this particular field of activity.

The company's more than 50 years of experience in the design and production of EW equipment and systems, its technical excellence, its high professional standards and its continuous updating of its resources enables ELETTRONICA to guarantee a reliable, effective and consistent response to the ever-changing requirements of modern defense.

The company's product line covers all aspects of EW, including RWR, ESM, ELINT and ECM, for naval, airborne (both fixed- and rotary- wing aircraft) and ground applications.

With particular reference to the active ECM systems, ELETTRONICA produces the first airborne fully solidstate system, designated the new Eurofighter Typhoon, and the first naval fully solid-state ECM system for the Horizon frigates, FREMM frigates and the new Italian carrier, Cavour.

ELETTRONICA has a unique in-house capability to design and develop software, training aids, automatic test benches and operational and logistic support programs. The company can manufacture special and key electronic components and subassemblies. In particular, in order to meet the high-tech requirements of advanced ECM systems, the company also has developed such unique items as a fully solid-state Rx/Tx module, a phased array antenna, a DRFM system and a digital receiver.

ELETTRONICA collaborates at both national and international levels with other electronic companies and aerospace and shipbuilding industries.

These long-standing collaborations have led to the definition and/ or implementation of such important programs as EW suites for the Tornado, the AMX, the Mirage 2000, the Eurofighter Typhoon, the NH- 90 (a NATO helicopter in the 1990s), the EH-IOl, the Horizon and the FREMM frigate.

ELETTRONICA presently employs a workforce of 880 units at its main plant in Rome and 47 units at its subsidiary in Germany.



12450 Fair Lakes Circle

Fairfax, VA 22033


Phone: 703-271-7300

Fax: 703-271-7301

President: Lou Von Thaer

AOC contact: Tim Taylor

General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems delivers endto-end solutions in mission systems integration; development; and operations support for the intelligence, maritime, space and homeland communities. With more than 30 years of experience in information operations, information warfare and EW, the company concentrates on creating dynamic, specialized, innovative solutions in high-speed signals processing, modern network exploitation, the development of end-to-end individual mission assets, mission planning and command and control systems and their sustainment for all echelons. It develops total mission systems to decisively counter adversary actions in real time through systems-of-systems and advanced technologies, revolutionary intelligence and exploitation systems, force protection and computer networks and information assurance defense systems.

The company provides system integration for maritime EW programs, including the Surface Electronic Warfare Improvement Program's (SEWIP's) interface controls, advanced displays, small-ship electronic surveillance measures, special signal processing, network- centric warfare featuring embedded computing and training capabilities. With a stellar record of superior past performance and partnerships with the world's leading and emerging technology providers, General Dynamics provides world-class C4ISR mission expertise, innovation and execution, helping transform customers into network-centric organizations capable of meeting the challenges of the 21st century's network environment.



77 River Rd.

Clifton, NJ 07014


Phone: 973-284-0123

Fax: 973-284-4122

President: Christopher Bernhardt

AOC contact: John Capeci, VP and Director of Business Development

ITT Corporation supplies advanced technology products and services in key markets. ITT is a global leader in the transport, treatment and control of water, wastewater and other fluids. The company plays a vital role in international security through its defense communications and electronics products, space intelligence systems and advanced engineering and related services. Headquartered in White Plains, NY, the company generated $7.8 billion in 2006 sales. In addition to the New York Stock Exchange, ITT Corporation stock is traded on the Midwest, Pacific, Paris, London and Frankfurt exchanges.

ITT Electronic Systems is a leading supplier of information and EW technologies, systems and services that enable mission success and survivability for a broad range of military aircraft. Gilfillan radar systems provide stateof-the-art air defense and surveillance, and act as air traffic control radar systems for US and international land and maritime applications. Offering more than 60 years of leadership in radar technologies and services, ITT also is a leader in the development of miniaturized active array antenna modules and subsystems for sensor and communications applications.

ITT's EW system solutions are serving aboard rotary-wing, strategic and tactical aircraft. These systems include the combat- proven AN/ALQ-165 for the F-14D and F-18C/D/E/F, and the combatproven AN/ALQ-172 for B-52s and Special Operations C-130s. A technology leader, ITT has developed the next generation of electronic protection suites with the AN/ALQ-211 family of systems and the AN/ALQ-214IDECM RFCM system.

Now in production, the AN/ALQ-211 family of systems is comprised of nine variants ranging from standalone digital radar warning receivers to comprehensive multispectral threat warning and self- protection suites. The AN/ALQ-211 will provide missionenabling technologies to the MH-47E Chinook, the MH-60K Black Hawk, the AH- 64 Longbow Apache, the RAH-66 Comanche, the NH-90 Nordic Helo, the CV-22 Osprey and the FMS F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft. System variants also are adaptable to UAV applications.

The AN/ALQ-214 is in full-rate production after successfully completing operational evaluation in 2003. The system, which was found to be operationally effective, protects the F/A-18E/F. The AN/ ALQ-214 is an onboard system comprised of a technique generator and high-power transmitters developed by ITT. It is integrated with a towed decoy to provide enhanced protection against specific class threats.

Also serving the electronic systems market, ITT is a member of the Northrop Grumman team, providing the communications/navigation/ identification system for the F-22 Raptor.



1840 Century Park E.

Los Angeles, CA 90067


Phone: 310-553-6262

AOC contact: Ellen Hamilton

ellen.hamil[email protected]

Northrop Grumman Corporation is a $30 billion global defense and technology company whose 120,000 employees provide innovative systems, products and solutions in information and services, electronics, aerospace and shipbuilding to government and commercial customers worldwide. Eight business sectors comprise Northrop Grumman.

As a trusted partner, Northrop Grumman develops systems and solutions that deliver timely, enabling information where it is needed most for its military, intelligence, federal, state and local government and commercial customers. The Information & Services business is composed of the company's information technology, mission systems and technical services sectors.

Northrop Grumman is a leading developer, manufacturer, integrator and supporter of a variety of advanced electronic and maritime systems for US and international customers for national security and non-defense applications. The electronics business is composed of the company's electronic systems sector, a world-leading provider of airborne radar, navigation systems, electronic countermeasures, precision weapons, airspace management systems, space systems, marine and naval systems, communications systems and government systems.

Northrop Grumman is a premier developer, integrator, producer and supporter of manned and unmanned aircraft, spacecraft, high-energy laser systems, microelectronics and other systems and subsystems critical to maintaining the nation's security and leadership in science and technology. The aerospace business is composed of the company's integrated systems space technology sectors.

Northrop Grumman is the nation's sole industrial designer, builder and refueler of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and one of only two companies that designs and builds nuclear-powered submarines. The company also is one of the nation's leading providers and lifecycle supporters of major surface ships for the US Navy, the US Coast Guard, international navies and commercial vessels. The ships business is composed of the company's Newport News and ship systems sectors. R


870 Winter St.

Waltham, MA 02451


Phone: 781-552-3000

Fax: 781-522-3001

Chairman and CEO: William H. Swanson

CEO: Thomas M. Culligan, Exec. VP of Business Development

CFO: David C. Wajsgras, Senior VP

AOC contact: Thomas V. Rosner Jr., Senior Manager, Army Programs

Raytheon is comprised of 73,000 employees. It is headquartered in Waltham, MA, and six of its facilities manufacture aerospace products. Integrated Defense Systems in Tewksbury, MA, Raytheon's leader in joint battlespace integration, provides affordable integrated solutions to a broad international and domestic customer base, including the US Missile Defense Agency, the US Armed Forces and the Department of Homeland security.

Raytheon's Intelligence & Information Systems (IIS) in Garland, TX, is a leading provider of information and intelligence solutions to the government. IIS has annual revenues of approximately $2.6 billion and employs more than 8,000 engineering and technical professionals worldwide. Raytheon IIS recently achieved a strategic milestone in earning Capability Maturity Model Integration(R) (CMMI) Maturity Level 3 accreditation for the full model scope (system engineering, software engineering, integrated product and process development and supplier sourcing) across its enterprise.

Raytheon's Missile Systems in Tucson, AZ, designs, develops and produces missile systems that include air-to-air, strike, surface navy air defense and land combat; guided projectiles; kinetic kill vehicles; and directed energy weapons. Its Network Centric Systems in McKinney, TX, develops and produces networkcentric solutions that integrate sensors, systems and secure communications to manage battlespace and airspace. It specializes in automation, surveillance and runway surveillance systems; infrared thermal imaging cameras; and precision opto-mechanical and electro-optical systems and subsystems.

Raytheon Technical Services Company (RTSC) in Reston, VA, a subsidiary of Raytheon, provides technology solutions for defense, federal and commercial customers worldwide. RTSC specializes in mission support (including installation, integration, maintenance, training and logistics support of air traffic control systems), counterproliferation and counterterrorism, homeland security solutions, base and range operations and customized engineering and manufacturing.

Raytheon's Space and Airborne Systems (SAS) in El Segundo, CA, is a leading provider of sensor systems, giving military forces the most accurate and timely actionable intelligence available for the network-centric battlefield. Its 2006 revenues were $4.3 billion and it has 12,000 employees. Additional facilities are in Goleta, CA; Forest, MS; Dallas, McKinney and Piano, TX; and several international locations.


Government Systems

350 Collins Rd. NE

Cedar Rapids, IA 52498


Phone: 319-295-5100

Fax: 319-295-5429

Executive VP: Gregory S. Churchill

AOC contact: Kenneth Hanson, Principal Marketing Manager, EW- SIGDJT


[email protected]

Rockwell Collins is a leader in the design, production and support of EW/ SIGINT, communications, aviation, integrated systems and platform electronics solutions for its customers worldwide. Rockwell Collins' EW/SIGINT products and subsystems form the key elements of intelligence systems used by the US military and allied governments to provide the warfighter with a fused electronic order of battle (EOB).

These commercial off-the-shelf subsystems and products, designed for airborne, shipboard, manpack or mobile applications, encompass electronic attack and the spectrum of SIGINT products, including COMINT, ELINT, ESM and other applications. Rockwell Collins is committed to providing comprehensive, nextgeneration hardware, software and system solutions. Rockwell Collins' COMINT solutions provide full-spectrum communications signal search and collection, while its ELINT subsystems acquire, direction-find, characterize and store radar emitter parameters. Its EA solutions include advanced attack features such as quick look-through and adaptive jamming methods.

By combining high-performance products with the company's powerful GUI and operational software, Rockwell Collins is a complete systems provider. It delivers on its commitments and is able to bring affordable technology quickly to market. Its business balance and open systems architecture approach allows Rockwell Collins to deliver advances in commercial technology seamlessly to its government customers, thus providing a best-value solution.



Nettovagen 6

SE-175 88 Jarfalla



Phone +46-8-580-840-00

President: Bjorn Erman

AOC contact: Ben Ash

[email protected]

PO Box 8492

Centurion, 0046

South Africa

Phone +27-12-672-6000

AOC contact: Philip Willcock

[email protected]

Saab Avitronics offers EW-related technology, products and services, as well as airborne mission and utility subsystems, to defense forces and industries worldwide.

The company offers a broad product range in the EW area for air, land and naval applications. Products include jammers, ELINT/ESM systems and standalone or fully integrated self-protection systems with laser, radar and missile approach warning functions and worldrenowned countermeasures dispensing systems.

The company's EW systems have been delivered to all Swedish Air Force combat aircraft since the 1960s and are used by several European air forces and also in the US, the Middle East and southern and southeastern Asia and Africa.

The company also provides avionics for military and commercial aircraft. Its avionics range includes airborne mission- and safety- critical utility and control systems, airborne health and usage monitoring systems (HUMS), reconnaissance systems and flight control equipment.

Saab Avitronics has more than 1,300 employees in Sweden (Jarfalla, Kista, Linkoping and Jonkoping) and South Africa (Centurion and Cape Town).

Saab Avitronics is a business unit within Saab. Saab serves the global market with world-leading products, services and solutions, ranging from military defense to civil security. Saab has operations and employees on all continents and constantly develops, adopts and improves new technology to meet its customers' changing needs. Annual sales are euro2.3 billion. Research and development corresponds to about 20 percent of annual sales.



Centre Charles Nungesser

2 Avenue Gay-Lussac

78851 Elancourt Cedex



Phone: +33-(0)l-34-81-49-32

Fax: +33-(0)l-34-81-48-68

CEO: Francois Quentin

AOC contact: Patrick Demoulin, VP of Strategy and Business Development, Electronic Combat Solutions Business Unit

[email protected]



West Sussex RHlO 9PZ


Phone: +44-1293-528787

Fax: +44-1293-542818

AOC contact: Simon Cox, Marketing Manager, Eectronic Combat Solutions Business Unit

[email protected]

Thales' Aerospace Division provides high-tech defense solutions that increase the capabilities of armed forces around the world.

With 13,200 employees in eight countries and activities in the fields of avionics, radar EW, airborne radars and missile electronics, the Aerospace Division of Thales ranks No. 1 in Europe and No. 3 worldwide, with total annual sales of more than euro2.5 billion.

Thales' EW capabilities are organized as a single business line covering activities in France and the UK. In close collaboration with operational personnel from armed forces worldwide, Thales has been developing and producing EW systems for more than 50 years and has supplied equipment to more than 50 nations for airborne, space- , naval- and ground-based applications.

Thales is the leading EW systems manufacturer in Europe, the prime contractor for several major EW programs in France and the UK and is a world leader in the international EW market.

Strong links with EW-related units of the Thaies Land & Joint Division provide an unrivalled capability for comprehensive and integrated EW solutions covering the full electromagnetic spectrum. Furthermore, Thales has developed a strong system design and integration capability through dedicated and experienced teams, simulation, hot benches and testbed aircraft.

Thanks to proprietary state-of-the-art technology, Thales fully masters all key components for EW applications such as the latest generation of wideband digital receivers; DRFMs; solid-state, high- power transmission modules; integrated hybrid microwave microelectronic modules; and wideband antennas or antenna arrays to achieve technological independence and supply fully integrated EW systems and associated technology transfers to customers.

Thales has demonstrated its know-how on the retrofit of combat and maritime patrol aircraft and in the conversion of transport aircraft into special mission aircraft, and has developed new EW systems for numerous airborne, naval- and landbased platforms.

The ability to anticipate future requirements in the field of EW through a close cooperation with its customers enables Thales to maintain its advanced position and invest in the design of advanced systems and components in the fields of antennas, electronics and data processing.




400 W. 10th St., NW

Atlanta, GA 30332


Phone: 404-407-7401

Fax: 404-407-9280

VP: Dr. Stephen E. Cross, Georgia Institute of Technology and Director, GTRI

AOC contact: Thomas McDermott, GTRI Deputy Director and Director of Research 404-407-8240

The Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) is nationally renowned in EW. As the applied research and development arm of Georgia Tech, the GTRI has been nationally recognized for more than 30 years as an expert in the research, design and development of effective analysis and threat simulation systems. Thirty years ago, the Peachtree Roost was formed by members of the GTRI.

Today, the GTRI's excellence continues not only in the ECM technique development, modeling and analysis areas, but in the modernization of radar warning receivers, jamming systems and test systems. The GTRI has participated in the development of future integrated EW systems and is working in the next-generation systems- of-systems or network-centric warfare. Because the GTRI is not a manufacturer, its researchers can provide governments and industries unbiased, independent technique effectiveness and technology insertion solutions.

Other key EW areas in which GTRI offers excellence include EO/IR CM, lasers, C4ISR, integrated EW training, ECM technique development and effectiveness analysis, EW systems integration, flight test support, sensor performance analysis, network-centric test/training systems (NeTTS), threat data analysis and modeling, multispectral (RF and IR/ EO) techniques, algorithm development, sensors, network- centric operations and data fusion, human systems engineering, defensive system integration, embedded training, mission planning, integrated support stations, threat simulation and test and evaluation. The combination of these areas provides strong expertise for the GTRI to address future multispectral threats, systems-of- systems concepts and other EW and information operations challenges that lie ahead.

GTRI researchers teach a wide range of continuing education courses serving the EW community.



135 Osigian Blvd.

Wamer Robins, GA 31088

Phone: 478-953-6800

CEO: Dr. David Barwick, MERC Executive Director

AOC contact: Ray Mitchell, Director of Business Development

Mercer Engineering Research Center (MERC) is a nonprofit operating unit of Mercer University, a private, comprehensive university located in Macon, GA. Mercer, established in 1833, is one of the oldest universities in the South.

MERC was established in 1987 as the research extension of the university's School of Engineering and has grown from an initial staff of three to a vibrant customer supportoriented organization of 145 engineers, scientists, managers, logisticians and business consultants. MERC occupies a modern 110,000 square-foot facility with offices, conference rooms and laboratories in Warner Robins.

MERC supports the Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) in Newport, RI; the Marine Corp Logistics Base (MCLB) in Albany, GA; the Warner Robins Air Logistics Center (WR-ALC), Headquarters Air National Guard; the Air Force Reserve Command at Robins AFB; and the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) at Wright-Patterson AFB, OH, in various research and development efforts. MERCs commercial clients have included small businesses such as KOR Electronics Inc., Research Associates of Syracuse and MacAulay Brown Inc. and Fortune 500 companies such as Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, Teledyne, BAE, EDO Corporation, Lockheed Martin and Boeing.

MERCs core competencies include electronic combat systems engineering; advanced geolocation algorithm development; simulation and modeling; RF and E0/IR signal analysis; information systems technology; structures technology; integrated logistics systems; industrial systems and materials technology; and rehabilitation and ergonomie science e' technology. MERC also provides highly responsive, cost-effective technical support to customers in analysis, design and fabrication of electronic test equipment.

MERC combines the in-house expertise of its scientists, engineers and logisticians with direct reach to the staff of Mercer University, one of the most prestigious universities in the South, which gives MERC the ability to provide quality, quick reaction resources to meet urgent requirements while using world-class researchers and engineers.




124 Industry Lane

Hunt Valley, MD 21030


Phone: 410-666-1400

President and CEO: Frederick M. Strader

AOC contact: Stephanie McCleman


AAI Corporation is a leader in the development and production of innovative, high-tech electronic and mechanical products and services for military and government customers in the US and international marketplaces. AAI's expertise includes systems analysis, design, development, manufacturing, integration and logistics support in training and simulation systems, unmanned aircraft systems, electronic and hydraulic test equipment and electro-mechanical systems. AAI is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the United Industrial Corporation (UIC), which is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

The company's training and simulation systems include embedded shipboard naval crew trainers, air defense trainers, maintenance trainers and electronic combat trainers. Its best-known simulation and training products are the On-board Training (OBT) systems now being delivered to the US and Australian navies; the Advanced Moving Target Simulator (AMTS) short-range air defense trainer; the E-8 Joint STARS, E-3 AWACS, C-17 and F-22 Maintenance Trainers; the Simulator for Electronic Combat Training (secT), a joint service trainer supporting the Air Education and Training Command's EWO training course; and the C-130H Compass Call Aircrew Training System. AAI simulators and stimulators have been used to train virtually all US Navy and Air Force EW systems, including those on the B-52, the EA-6B, the EF-111, the A-10 and the F-16 aircraft. AAI's expertise includes real-time software modeling, simulation and control; embedded and multiprocessor applications; real-time signal processing; and visual and sensor database development.

AAI also develops innovative flight line and depot-level test equipment. The portable Joint Service Electronic Combat Systems Tester (JSECST) is used on air base flight lines and aircraft carrier decks to ensure the mission readiness of EW systems and isolate any failure to the faulty box, antenna or cable. Lab JSECST, a derivative of the JSECST system, has been developed for use in systems integration and government EW laboratories. At the depot level, AAI's AN/ALM-234 Advanced Standard Threat Generator (ASTG) provides a high-fidelity, dense RF threat environment to evaluate and validate EC system changes and upgrades. AAI is a leading producer of modular, automatic test equipment systems supporting the DOD's initiatives to standardize automatic test equipment for greater efficiency. On the flight line, the AN/GSM-352 Antenna System Test Set provides state-of-the-art single-ended transmission- line testing for the B-2 bomber's cutting-edge EW technology. AAI's next-generation handheld radar simulator, the Model 527, is an enhanced single-box replacement for another long-standing AAI EW test system, the AN/APM-427 radar simulator, fielded in large quantities worldwide and combatproven in Desert Storm. In addition, AAI's Advanced Boresight Equipment (ABE(R)) has been selected to align munitions, heads-up displays, antennas and IR systems on numerous US and allied weapon systems.

In April 2005, AAI Corporation acquired ESL Defence Limited, an EW systems company based in the UK. In November 2006, AAI acquired Symtx Inc., a leading producer of automatic test equipment. Based in Austin, TX, Symtx is a leader in the design and manufacture of high- performance functional test solutions for mission-critical electronic systems on the factory floor, in the laboratory and in the depot.


22121 20th Ave. S.E.

Bothell, WA 98021


Phone: 425-482-1100

Fax: 425-482-1101

CEO and President: Don Rich

AOC contact: Andy Brown

[email protected]

Aculight is a complete laser solutions resource. Founded in 1993 and privately held, it develops and manufactures innovative lasers for the industrial, research, government and medical markets. Offering both off-the-shelf and custom-designed products, Aculight is an ideal partner for laser system development. The company understands its clients' laser needs and supplies solutions tailored to their particular performance, packaging or service requirements. Aculight provides its clients with value at every level, from expert advice and pioneering research, to solid prototyping and flexible manufacturing.

Aculight's constant growth has fueled recognition from several organizations. In 2006 alone, Aculight was named one of the "50 FastestGrowing Technology Companies in Washington, Oregon and Idaho" by Deloitte & Touche USA LLP; one of the "Top 50 High-Tech Firms in Washington" by Washington CEO magazine; and one of the "100 Fastest- Growing Private Companies" by the Puget Sound Business Journal.

Thanks to its phenomenal growth, Aculight moved to a new corporate headquarters in December 2006. Located just two miles from the existing Aculight facility, the new headquarters is almost twice as large, with approximately 50,000 square feet of combined office, laboratory and manufacturing space. The new facility will allow a significant expansion of Aculight's research, product development and manufacturing capabilities.


9861 Broken Land Parkway, Ste. 150

Columbia, MD 21046

Phone: 301-596-2712, 410-381-3780

Fax: 410-381-9275

CEO: Frank White

Phone: 301-596-2712

COO: John Register

Phone: 301-596-2712

AOC contact: Bill Bonacki (Columbia, MD), R. Michael Kane (Warner Robins, GA)

Phone: 301-596-2712, 478-929-8911

Advanced Concepts Inc. (ACI) was founded in 1991. The company offers IT and engineering and management services and solutions to federal, state and local governments. With more than 15 years of experience supporting the intelligence community within the DOD and other US government entities in fields ranging from intelligence analysis and systems integration to research and system design, ACI has the knowledge, experience, clearances and dedication to assist its customers in reaching their goals. Washington Technology has recognized ACI as achieving the area's fast-fifty growth list for seven consecutive years. ACI also was recognized by Inc. magazine as one of the top 500 fastest-growing companies in the US, ranking 201st; by the Deloitte & Touche Maryland Fast 50 (ranking 20th in 2005, the company's ninth year consecutively); and by the Deloitte & Touche Fast 500 in the US (ranking 148th).

ACI provides diverse scientific and engineering services to both government and commercial customers in the following areas: system information assurance and network security solutions, IT solutions and services related to distributed architectures, systems engineering and technical assistance, product development and integration and program management.

ACI's experienced and cleared personnel provide system/network administration, network and system tool research and evaluation, network engineering, systems and software engineering, configuration management, site administration, software scripting and equipment purchase and evaluation.

In the 21st century, information is power and customers need a team dedicated to accomplishing their goals on time and on budget. ACI is this team.

ACI is recognized as a minority business enterprise (MBE) in the state of Maryland.


110 Ricefield Lane

Hauppauge, NY 11788


Phone: 631-231-8777

Fax: 631-231-8517

Executive VP and COO: Eli Levi

Advanced Testing Technologies Inc. (ATTI(TM)) is a leading provider of automated test equipment (ATE) solutions. For the past 20 years, ATTI has provided state-of-the-art test systems to its customers. ATTI maintains a dedicated staff that specializes in ATE- related hardware and software. Utilizing ATTI's commercial off-the- shelf (COTS) BRAT(R) family of testers, ATTI has leveraged the open architecture of the BRAT(R) to solve the diverse testing problems of multiple customers. This open-architecture approach provides an optimal test system configuration with the potential for future expansion, and an environment to protect customer investment in test stations and test programs and from obsolescence and diminishing manufacturing source (DMS) production impact.

Although the US Air Force is the company's primary customer, the BRAT(R) is in operation for NATO, Turkey, Greece, the Netherlands, the Royal Saudi Air Force, Italy and Japan. The BRAT(R) family of testers crosses multiple aircraft platforms and levels of maintenance. Platform experience includes the E-3 AWACS (707 and 767), the E-8 JSTARS, the RC-135 Rivet Joint, the C-5 Galaxy, the C- 141Star Lifter, the F-16 Falcon, the A-10 Warthog, the F-15 Eagle and the F-4G Wild Weasel. Available in both depot/back-shop and deployable configurations, the BRAT(R) is war-tested, having been deployed in support of ongoing global war on terrorism (GWOT) operations. ATTI has operating locations throughout the US and in foreign countries.


2910 Norman Strasse Rd.

San Marcos, CA 92069


Phone: 760-598-4340

Fax: 760-598-4342

AOC contact: Freddie Chavez

[email protected]

Established in 1999, Aethercomm designs and manufactures military RF hardware with frequencies ranging from 10 MHz to 40 GHz, all with various power levels. Aethercomm utilizes the latest in RF device technology (GaN, SIC, LDMOS, GaAs and others) available in the market today. With more than 100 standard products to offer its customers, Aethercomm continues to provide custom solutions that are based on skilled engineering and robust designs. Many Aethercomm products are combat-proven and operate in the harshest of environments.


5301 Stevens Creek Blvd.

Santa Clara, CA 95051

Phone: 877-424-4536

Fax: 408-345-8474

President and CEO: Bill Sullivan

AOC contact: Frank Orlandella, Director of Federal Policy

1666 K. St. N.W. Ste. 420

Washington, DC 20006

Phone: 202-416-6210

Agilent Technologies is a global technology leader delivering critical tools and technologies that sense, measure and interpret the physical and biological world. The company's innovative solutions enable a wide range of customers in communications, electronics, life sciences and chemical analysis to make technological advancements that drive productivity and improve the way people live and work. Products and services include leading- edge measurement solutions for next-generation EW. Agilent is enabling the aerospace/defense transformation with synthetic instruments and LXI technology backed by Agilent's leading scopes, signal and logic and network analyzers, signal sources pulse generators and more. Agilent's solutions are used across the armed forces for both air and ground applications. Agilent Technologies brings its world-leading expertise in communications technology to provide security and surveillance agencies a unique, accurate and comprehensive source of intelligence from telecom networks. Agilent views network-based intelligence as a strategic priority, and is extending its proven and powerful capabilities in this important area.


3505 Murrell Rd.

Rockledge, FL 32955


Phone: 321-631-0005

Fax: 321-631-5811


2135 Ringwood Dr.

San Jose, CA 95131


Phone: 408-432-8039

Fax: 408-321-1089

Akon is the leading supplier of cutting-edge microwave products for airborne, ground, shipboard, space and growing communication markets. The company's in-house capability spans from design conceptualization to high-volume production runs, as well as expertise knowledge of integration to the customers' applications.


1750 Tysons Blvd., Ste. 1300

McLean, VA 22102


Phone: 703-918-4480

Fax: 703-714-6511

Chairman and CEO: Dr. Bahman Atefi

AOC contact: David Erteschik

Alion Science and Technology is a 100-percent employee-owned contract research and development company providing technology services to primarily high-level defense and government agency customers. Building on more than 65 years of experience, Alion employee owners are experts in wireless communication, defense operational support, industrial solutions, chemical technology, explosive science, information technology and transport technology. Based in McLean, VA, Alion has more than 3,600 employees at major offices and laboratories in 50 cities worldwide. Alion's staff of spectrum managers, scientists and engineers has supported the DOD continuously for more than 45 years. Alion is at the forefront of emerging spectrum technologies and is expanding its role in EW and various intelligence disciplines.


6635 Kirkville Rd.

Syracuse, NY 13057


Phone: 800-544-2414 (toll-free), 315-432-8909

Fax: 315-432-0197

President and CEO: Lawrence H. Sala

space&[email protected]

Founded in 1967 as a supplier of microwave components and subassemblies to the defense electronics market, Anaren is today's worldwide innovator of standard and custom high-frequency technology for the defense, space, wireless infrastructure and consumer electronics sectors. Solving tough RF and microwave problems with multilayer, multifunction IMA solutions that ingeniously leverage softboard and ceramics, including LTCC, Anaren's Space & Defense Unit is a trusted subcontractor to the world's tier-one defense OEMs.

Anaren's high-density, mil-spec'ed technologies include broadband receivers for missile applications; RF and LO distribution for complex receivers; beamformers for satellite communications antennas; switch matrices for redundancy and signal routing; antenna feed networks for surface, airborne and space radars; digital RF memories and frequency discriminators; RF integrated backplanes; tuners and front-end receivers; and passive and active antenna front- end calibration networks.

Anaren also is a turnkey supplier, offering customers all aspects of development, from extensive design, modeling and analysis to sophisticated automated manufacturing and comprehensive and secure electrical and environmental testing.


190 Admiral Cochrane Dr., Ste. 130

Annapolis, MD 21401


Phone: 410-841-2514

Fax: 410-841-2518

Annapolis Micro Systems is the world leader in commercial off- the-shelf (COTS), FPGA-based, high-performance processing products for radar, sonar, SIGINT, ELINT, digital signal processing, FFTs, communications, software radio, encryption, image processing, prototyping, text processing and other processing intensive applications.

The company has COTS hardware and software solutions for VME, PCI, CompactPCI, PMC and CardBus, with a large, growing list of I/O options, including 1.5 GHz A/D, 105 MHz A/D, Fiber-optic G-Link, Fiber Channel, Ethernet, WSDP(TM) and FPDP, all using the latest Xilinx Virtex II and/or Virtex E FPGAs. Its revolutionary CoreFire(TM) design suite enables very fast and easy application development, reducing risk, cutting cost and improving time to market.

The company's international customer base includes all the major defense contractors, many government labs, universities and large and small commercial entities. Incorporated in 1982, this woman- owned small business is a powerful addition to any defense contractor's team.


2551 Riva Rd.

Annapolis, MD 21401


Phone: 301-863-2300

Fax: 301-863-2331

CEO: John M. Belcher

AOC contact: Brian Hastings

[email protected]

ARINC Engineering Services provides a wide range of engineering services to the EW, information warfare (IW) and information operations (IO) communities within the DOD. These services include threat and technology analysis; concept exploration; systems development; integration; test and evaluation (T&E); and operational support of joint exercises. ARINC has developed electromagnetic analysis tools for performing numerical predictions of antenna performance to include three-dimensional antenna patterning analysis, two-dimensional propagation and coverage analysis, electromagnetic interference (EMI), RCS and electric current distributions for aircraft carrying high-power transmitters such as Commando Solo, Compass Call and the EA-6B Prowler. ARINC provides a diversity of technical work, ranging from electronic attack effectiveness simulations and mission planning capabilities to creating realistic battlespace environment simulations in the US Navy's Air Combat Environment Test and Evaluation Facility (ACETEF). ARINC develops and operates the Army Interoperability Network (AIN), which supports the development, testing, integration and certification of command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, EW and sensors (C4IEW&S) systems. ARINC also provides engineering and technical support services to the US Navy's Space and Naval Warfare (SPAWAR) Systems Center.

ARINC's team of operationally-experienced EW professionals currently utilizes its fleet and T&E background to assist the Naval Air Warfare Center in Patuxent River, MD, in the evaluation of EW systems on the EA-6B Prowler, the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet and the EA- 18G Electronic Attack Super Hornet. This T&E includes box-level reliability predictions and failure modes, effects and criticality analysis; instrumentation; electromagnetic environmental effects (EEE) design engineering; and EW T&E engineering support on the EA- 6B ICAP II and III and the EA-18G Electronic Attack Super Hornet programs.


Mehmet Akif Ersoy Mah

16. Cadde No. 16 Macunkoy, Ankara


Phone: +90-312 592-1000

Fax: +90-312 354-5205

CEO and President: Cengiz Ergeneman

AOC contact: Turker Murat, Project Engineer

ASELSAN, a Turkish joint stock company, has sustained its position as a reliable source, a system solution provider and a renowned leader of the Turkish defense industry since its establishment in 1975.

In consideration of its field of activities, ASELSAN is organized into three main divisions: Communications Division, Microwave and System Technologies Division and Microelectronic Guidance and Electro-Optic Division.

ASELSAN is ISO 10012-certified and possesses NATO quality assurance standards. AQAP-110-120 and other relevant international military standards are successfully being applied in the design, test and production phases of the programs undertaken, as well as after sales support.

Within the know-how and experience accumulated in 30 years of leadership in the defense electronics field, ASELSAN offers state- of-the-art equipment and systems in the following fields: military/ professional communications, EW and intelligence, command control, fire support and control, defense and weapon systems, electro-optic and avionics and navigation.

ASELSAN provides modern and high-end systems within the EW field. The equipment and systems already fielded by ASELSAN are tactical communications monitoring and jamming systems, radar detection and jamming systems, direction-finding systems, EW self-protection systems for fighter aircrafts and airborne signal monitoring systems.

ASELSAN is the reliable source and a powerful partner in defense requirements.


8, rue de l'Arcade

75008 Paris, France


Phone: +33-(0)-1-53-30-89-40

Fax: +33-(0)-1-53-30-89-49

ATDI is a world leader in radio planning and spectrum management software. It provides a large range of software products and services covering all areas of radio network planning, spectrum management, radio propagation simulation, command and control systems, spectrum monitoring and digital cartography.

With seven offices in three continents and a solid network of distributors around the world, ATDI is a truly global company, able to provide support and services to its customers around the clock and around the globe.

HTZ warfare nG, ATDI's EW software, is a comprehensive radio planning (software) application for military networks. It is a complete system providing a wide set of technical solutions for the deployment of tactical and infrastructure communication networks. It enables the design and optimization of communication networks, thanks to specific tools tailored to simulate any type of network in the V/U/SHF band. Used in particular to plan communication infrastructures for armies and administrations, HTZ warfare nG also is used for enhancement studies to improve radio-based air navigation systems across the world.

HTZ warfare nG can be configured by the user to be the specialist toolbox for EW mission planning, technical spectrum management, network planning or as a coverage and link planning tool for field operations (indoor and outdoor). HTZ warfare nG is designed to allow integration into other systems as mission planning suites, spectrum management/monitoring systems or as individual system frequency management packages.

The HTZ warfare nG tool utilizes digital terrain models to simulate communication effects with a dynamic two- and three- dimensional display from a frequency range of 10 kHz to 450 GHz.

HTZ warfare nG utilizes a proprietary three-dimensional cartographic workspace (digital elevation model) for all operations and analyses. In consequence, analysis results can be displayed on dynamic two- or three-dimensional display.


PO Box 4648

Clearwater, FL 33758


Phone: 727-572-1900

Fax: 727-572-2180

AOC contact: Terry Thames

ATK is a $3.4-billion advanced weapon and space systems company employing 15,000 people in 21 states. ATK is a major US aerospace and defense contractor with a strong position in propulsion, composite structures, munitions, precision capabilities and civil and sporting ammunition. The company is the world's leading supplier of solid rocket motors and the nation's largest manufacturer of ammunition.

ATK Integrated Systems at Clearwater, FL, is a leading supplier of missile warning/laser warning systems used worldwide for aircraft self-protection. Products include AAR-47(V)2 and AAR-47A(V)2, which both offer improved probabilities of timely warning and reduced false alarm rates with fully-integrated laser warning functions.

ATK Integrated Systems at Ft. Worth, TX, specializes in aircraft mission systems integration. ATK also is in the advanced development phase of an upgrade to HARM commonly known as AARGM, the advanced anti-radiation guided missile.


100 Bartow Municipal Airport

Bartow, FL 33830


Phone: 800-797-1337, 863-519-0905

Fax: 863-519-0763

CEO and AOC contact: Fred A. Thames, Jr.

[email protected]ghes.net

Avalon Electronics specializes in the design and manufacture of advanced wideband disk recorders for airborne, mobile and ground- based SIGINT applications. The company's mil-spec'ed product range includes IF and baseband video recorders with recording bandwidths of up to 100 MHz, and compact recorders with bandwidths of up to 50 MHz. Single- and multi-channel variants also are available. The company's product range is supported by a variety of remote control, data management and data analysis software tools. Its clients include many of the world's armies, navies and air forces, as well as leading civilian SIGINT data collection and analysis agencies.


100 Bartow Municipal Airport

Bartow, FL 33830


Phone: 800-797-1337, 863-519-0905

Fax: 863-519-0763

AOC contact: Fred A. Thames Jr., CEO

[email protected]

The Avalon recorder family offers models up to 100 MHz in frequency response at a price commensurate with performance. All models feature integral IF-to-baseband converters offering unparalleled signal fidelity and spurious-free dynamic range. Moreover, the recorded signals can be upconverted to the original IF signal. Recorded samples are stored in alternating I/Q pairs, and can be extracted into files through a USB-2 port. Also available is a full-featured GUI program for remote control and data extraction. An accessory to these recorders is a disk crate reader that permits the extraction of the data directly from the removeable disk crates, and also supports restoring archived data back onto the disk crates in the originally recorded format.



200 Belle Mead Rd.

Setauket, NY 11733


Phone: 631-751-9370

Fax: 631-751-9378

AOC contact: Dennis Carrigan, Sales Manager

[email protected]

Founded in 1985, BC Systems designs and manufactures military and commercial power supplies, RF amplifiers and other power-related products. Some of its major customers include BAE Systems, Boeing, EADS, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Telephonies, ITT, United Technologies and the US government.

The company's technical qualifications are based on its vast experience in the design and manufacture of power amplifiers and power supply solutions used in radar, IFF, CW, jamming/ECM, IEDs, electronic attack, communications, SATCOM, DAMA, SDR, DMR and medical radiotherapy.

BC Systems' high-power amplifier team designs and manufactures solid-state power amplifier modules and integrated assemblies using the latest technology and matching techniques to achieve ultra broadband and frequency-specific reliable amplifiers. The company's amplifiers are designed for multi-mode applications covering frequency ranges from HF to C band (1 MHz to 6 GHz), supporting power requirements from 1W to multi-kilowatts. Military applications include ground, air and shipboard service platforms. Industrial grade amplifiers also are available for laboratory- and science- specific applications.

BC Systems' power supply design team has proven capabilities in power designs for airborne, ground- and space-based systems. The company's strength is its ability to integrate its power supply product line with its high-power RF amplifiers, which provides its customers with proven solutions for rapid system integration and development. BC Systems uses innovative packaging and thermal management designs, which are manufactured on site, providing enhanced production process control. Its complete in-house manufacturing capabilities allow its design and manufacturing team to supply maximum-performance products in the smallest packages possible - all within schedule requirements.

BC Systems' quality program is registered by Underwriter Laboratories to ISO 9001:2000. Its products are designed to meet safety and compliance standards, including MIL-STD-461, MIL-STD- 704, MIL-STD 1399, J-STD-001, MIL-STD-810 and RTCA/DO-160.


1335 Regents Park Dr., Ste. 130

Houston, TX 77058


Phone: 281-286-5751

Fax: 281-286-5752

President and CEO: Linda Moorehead

AOC contact: Stan Moorehead, VP of Business Development

BLACKHAWK is a woman-owned corporation with a workforce of 300 employees. BLACKHAWK services include acquisition management, integrated logistics support, systems and sustainment engineering, training development and information technology services. Its customers include NASA; the US Army Communications Electronics Command, PEO-Intelligence Electronic Warfare; the Tank Automotive Armaments Command; the US Air Force Outreach Program Office (AFOPO); the US Air Force Crypto Logical Support Group (CPSG); the US Air Force Intelligence Agency (AIA); the US Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence (AFCEE); the US Army III Corp.; the US Air Force Research Laboratory; the US Air Force Special Operations; and the FAA.

BLACKHAWK'S continued growth is attributable to teamwork, sound management, proven processes and a commitment to customer satisfaction through its delivery of cost-effective services exceeding customer expectations. BLACKHAWK has offices in Ft. Walton Beach, FL; Fort Monmouth, NJ; San Antonio, TX; Dallas, TX; Warner Robins, GA; and several overseas locations, including the UK and Japan.



1100 N. Glebe Rd.

Arlington, VA 22201


Phone: 703-841-7800

President and CEO: Paul M. Cofoni

AOC contact: Joe Zirilli, VP

[email protected]

CACI International provides the IT and network solutions needed to prevail in today's new era of national security, intelligence and e-government. From systems integration and managed network solutions to knowledge management, engineering, simulation and information assurance, the company delivers the IT applications and infrastructures its federal customers use to improve communications and collaboration, secure the integrity of information systems and networks, enhance data collection and analysis and increase efficiency and mission effectiveness.

CACI is a world leader in delivering valuable solutions that help America's intelligence community counter global terrorism. The company is engaged across a wide range of intelligence disciplines, from the most complex space-based operations to human source intelligence. It focuses on two distinct customer categories: national strategic and law enforcement, and tactical and military service. Its overriding goal is to provide strong capabilities at the nexus of intelligence and security that have the greatest value to its clients' missions in support of national security, intelligence and homeland security.

CACI's involvement in EW systems technology is a powerful contributor to US dominance of the EW electronic spectrum. The profound worldwide changes taking place in EW demand an unprecedented level of sophistication, both in treating the evolving threat and pacing the changes taking place in EW-related technology. CACI designs, builds, operates and supports multimission and multispectral EW systems. Its open architecture approach focuses on EW systems' interoperability and the rapid, cost-effective integration of advanced systems and processes. Its EW systems meet both the challenges of the threat environment and the real-time needs of the warfighter.

CACI is a member of the Fortune 1000 Largest Companies of 2007 and provides dynamic careers for approximately 11,400 employees working in more than 120 offices in the US and Europe.


105 Baylis Rd.

Melville, NY 11747


Phone: 631-777-8900

Fax: 631-777-8877

AOC contact: Robert J. Califra, VP of Marketing and Sales

Founded in 1987, Comtech PST (CPST) designs and manufactures solid-state, high-power amplifiers from 1 MHz to 6 GHz, with output power levels ranging from 2 W to multi-kilowatts. Its products are utilized in a variety of military and commercial applicati