March 3, 2008

Grape Networks Featured on MoneyScope, ABC News Television, Channel 7, in the San Francisco Bay Area

Grape Networks™, Inc. today announced that it was featured on ABC News, KGO Television, Channel 7, in the San Francisco Bay Area. The news story is at the ABC News website at

The ABC News Story was filmed on location at one of Grape Networks' customer's vineyards' in the Central Valley of California. The Grape Networks Team showed the ABC MoneyScope News Crew the vineyard along with the Grape Networks' Climate Genie micro climate and water management system.

The Climate Genie from Grape Networks manages water and the micro climate by keeping the grower continuously informed about environmental status of their field via PC or mobile phone. The Climate Genie transmits wirelessly; temperature, humidity, light and soil moisture conditions with small mobile nodes, with built-in radios, for monitoring anywhere in the world via the Internet. These mobile nodes form a wireless mesh sensor network with up to thousands of individual nodes that are 10-1,000 meters apart. Each node can sense a few simple things, such as temperature, moisture, light, or other environmental data but as an aggregate gathers enormous sums of data on water and the micro climate.

Grape Networks' data from the mobile sensor nodes are summarized within the network and sent via WIFI, Cellular, or Satellite to the Internet to servers for viewing anywhere in the world via a WEB browser. The Grape Networks' Microsoft SQL Server software can also be integrated into the enterprise. When specified soil moisture, temperature and humidity thresholds are exceeded alerts can be sent to any compatible web enabled PC or mobile phone.

The Climate Genie system can monitor water and the micro climate up to 100,000 acres. Multiple systems can monitor an unlimited number of acres World wide. Growers can now, with granularity, monitor and adjust the micro climate to increase both the production and quality of their crops.

About Grape Networks, Inc.:

Grape Networks, Inc. is a sustainable water management and environmental Company with a focus on water and micro climate. Grape Networks was incorporated as a Delaware Corporation in 2004 and has offices in the United States, France, Germany and Distribution in Australia. The company website is at For further information contact Peter Tsepeleff at 925-830-1698 or email [email protected]