March 19, 2008

RT Logic Awarded Combat Survivor/Evader Locator (CSEL) Modulator/Receiver Processor (CMRP) By Boeing

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., March 19 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- RT Logic, a recognized leader in satellite data link processing, today announced a contract award by The Boeing Company's Command, Control and Communications (C3) Networks Division in support of the Combat Survivor/Evader Locator (CSEL) Modulator/Receiver Processor (CMRP) project.

Boeing C3 Networks of Huntington Beach, California, is the prime contractor working the CSEL effort for the U.S. Air Force. Under the CSEL CMRP effort, RT Logic will deliver their Telemetrix 400XR (T400XR) Modulator/Receiver system as part of the CSEL Terrestrial Training System (CTTS). Boeing's CSEL system allows rescue forces to communicate with downed airmen anywhere in the world via over-the-horizon communications satellites. RT Logic received the CSEL CMRP order in November 2007, with the delivery of five, T400XR-based CMRPs planned for late summer of 2008. Each CMRP will have one modulator/demodulator stream per unit and operate within the UHF band for RF signal input and output.

The T400XR is RT Logic's premier narrowband, receiver and modulator product. It employs digital receiver and modulator technology to meet multi- mission narrowband requirements. The T400XR has a configurable software- defined receiver/modulator, and supports most of the popular demodulation and modulation schemes such as BPSK, QPSK, SQPSK, UQPSK, SOQPSK, and SQPN (spread spectrum) signals. Data rates ranging to 50 Mbps are supported under certain demodulation schemes. Demodulation processing is supplemented by bit synchronization, a variety of forward error correction (FEC) methods, and PCM code conversion. The modulation capability of the T400XR enables PCM simulation, command processing, Bit Error Rate Testing (BERT), or ranging as required. The T400XR can be configured to operate at an intermediate frequency (70 MHz), or have modular frequency converters integrated into the T400XR's Compact PCI (cPCI) enclosure, thus allowing operation on UHF, L, S, X, C, and Ku bands.

"Our excellent working relationship with Boeing engineers on several previous DoD satellite programs has established RT Logic as a trusted satellite ground systems provider," said Bill Asiano, RT Logic's CMRP Program Manager, "The CSEL CMRP is a very important project to RT Logic because it allows us to adapt our products for adjacent markets using our flexible, low risk, and cost effective commercial product architectures."

About RT Logic

RT Logic is a leading provider of products for ground-based applications, primarily for satellite and launch range operations. Known for exceptional innovation, performance, and support, RT Logic has delivered more than 2000 systems since its inception in 1997. RT Logic offers a complete line of Telemetrix(R) products used in systems for widely varied control center, ground antenna, and range applications. Since October 2002, RT Logic has operated as a wholly owned-subsidiary of Integral Systems, Inc.

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Founded in 1982, Integral Systems is a leading provider of satellite ground systems and has supported more than 205 different satellite missions for communications, science, meteorological, and earth resource applications. Integral Systems was the first company to offer an integrated suite of Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) software products for satellite command and control: the EPOCH Integrated Product Suite (IPS) product line. EPOCH IPS has become the world market leader in commercial applications with successful installations on five continents.

Through its wholly-owned subsidiary, SAT Corporation, Integral Systems provides satellite and terrestrial communications signal monitoring systems to satellite operators and users throughout the world. Through its Newpoint Technologies, Inc., subsidiary, Integral Systems also provides software for equipment monitoring and control to satellite operators and telecommunications firms. Integral Systems' Lumistar, Inc., subsidiary provides system- and board-level telemetry acquisition products. Integral Systems has approximately 500 employees working at its headquarters in Lanham, MD, and at other locations in the U.S. and Europe. For more information, visit

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