June 10, 2008

Information Risk Management Validates SafeCentral’s Online Identity Theft Protection

Authentium today announced that a recent test of its SafeCentral secure Web browsing solution by Information Risk Management (IRM), an independent information risk consultancy, concluded that SafeCentral effectively stops online identity theft before it starts. The report verified that SafeCentral provides users with a more secure method of executing online transactions by disabling malware and preventing hackers from stealing data such as names, social security numbers and PIN numbers, or redirecting sessions to a rogue Web site.

According to the IRM Report, "In all scenarios... SafeCentral provided a secure browsing session even if the user's machine had been infected with malware. None of the key-loggers or screen scrapers managed to intercept keystrokes or gain an interactive feed of the user's desktop while the service had been activated. DNS tests confirmed that users of SafeCentral were always presented with genuine Web sites."

IRM consultants tested SafeCentral's consumer desktop protection by infecting unprotected laboratory PCs with representative samples of key-loggers, screen-scrapers, and DNS intercept malware, downloading SafeCentral's desktop protection solution and using the infected PCs to conduct Web transactions. In all cases, SafeCentral's desktop solution disabled the malware that resided on the PC and enabled transactions to be conducted safely.

IRM also conducted a series of Domain Name Service (DNS) tests to determine whether DNS poisoning or intercept malware could re-direct the infected PCs to a different destination from the user's intended URL. Further demonstrating the power of SafeCentral, the DNS re-direct attempts were rendered inoperable. These tests established that SafeCentral provides a secure, private channel between the desktop and the Web destination, where users can conduct transactions without the fear of identity theft.

"Given the gravity of cybercrime today, it's no surprise that multiple vendors are coming out of the woodwork with products that claim to protect end users against online identity theft," says Doug Brunt, President and CEO of Authentium. "Unfortunately for consumers, many of these other product claims are simply false. Consumers need only Google our competitors' brand names to find reviews by journalists and independent laboratories that highlight these products' shortcomings. In contrast, Authentium's SafeCentral lives up to its claim of online identity protection, as demonstrated by IRM's recent tests."

SafeCentral uses Authentium's patent-pending TSX technology to create a virtual "concrete bunker" that safeguards consumers from trickiest and nastiest techniques employed by online identity thieves. These threats include viruses, spyware, Trojans, drive-by-downloads, key-loggers, screen-scrapers, DNS poisoning, man-in-the-middle attacks, Wi-Fi interception, and countless other techniques, all designed to steal a user's personal identity information. The access control provided by TSX makes SafeCentral the only service that stops Internet threats past, present, and future, without requiring constant and manual updates, time-consuming file scanning, or real-time monitoring that wastes memory and slows computers.

"Banks are painfully aware of the threat posed by identity thieves who have adopted tactics that take advantage of the weakest link in the security chain: the user, and his PC," says Brunt. "As demonstrated by IRM's tests, SafeCentral provides an end-to-end security link that compliments the initiatives being implemented by banks to protect their networks, and finally addresses the scourge of desktop spyware and DNS attacks. We'll be working together with many of the nation's largest banks, merchants and trading sites in the coming months to quell the growing threat of internet identity theft."

IRM's full report, commentary from Authentium executives, and demos of SafeCentral, are available upon request. Please contact Meredith Glanzmann, Gregory FCA, at 610-642-8253, ext. 112 or [email protected] SafeCentral is available for download now at www.SafeCentral.com.


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