June 16, 2008

eSoft Unveils Newest Email ThreatPak With Enhanced Spam Detection, Data Leakage Protection, Opportunistic Encryption, and More

BROOMFIELD, Colo., June 16 /PRNewswire/ -- eSoft, Inc., a leading vendor of integrated Internet security and content management solutions, announced today the release of its latest Email ThreatPak update, which includes a number of new features and enhancements. The newest release includes tools that ensure confidential data is protected against leakage and reduce the likelihood of non-spam messages being marked as spam, among others. This release also includes several performance enhancements including quicker deployment of new and updated firewall rules, faster anti-virus and anti-spyware scanning, and quicker booting.

   The newest Email ThreatPak includes:   -- Data Leakage Protection and Compliance: eSoft has made it easier to      quarantine outbound emails that may contain confidential information or      may otherwise break company policy by adding a series of preset      patterns and words for an administrator to view. The feature has been      available on Email ThreatPak, but it now comes with a simple interface      an administrator can use to ensure compliance, including checkboxes for      PCI compliance (ensuring unencrypted credit card numbers will not      travel through email), HIPAA compliance (ensuring medical records and      Social Security numbers stay secure), and others, including common      labels for confidential and top secret documents, profanity, and      driver's license numbers.    -- Automatic Conversation Protection: Traditional spam systems look at      each email as a new and separate entity. eSoft has added the ability to      identify a mail message as part of an ongoing conversation in order to      prevent a message in an ongoing conversation from being marked as spam,      ensuring business continuity.    -- Email Footer: eSoft customers can now add automatic footers to emails      that include disclaimers and other notices.  While company-wide email      footers have been common in law firms, recently more companies see a      need to label all outgoing email as confidential and to put other      disclaimers in place.    -- Custom SSL Certificates: eSoft now supports custom certificates. These      can be used to enhance security and prevent the annoyance of SSL errors      when connecting to a server with a self-signed certificate.    -- Opportunistic Encryption: When sending and receiving emails between      servers that also support Opportunistic Encryption, emails will      automatically be transmitted in an encrypted tunnel, preventing      eavesdroppers from viewing the content of the email.    -- Bayesian Training Mail Footer: Administrators may now opt to      automatically add HTML links to the bottom of every incoming email,      enabling the system to "self-learn" what is and isn't spam from any      interface including a webmail server, Blackberry, and standard mail      clients like Outlook and Thunderbird. Administrators may also whitelist      or blacklist senders by clicking a link that is optionally added to the      bottom of emails.    

"This release offers my customers the features they need to fight the threats that are out there today," said Bob Austin, owner of Digital Dot Systems, Inc., an eSoft reseller and also an InstaGate user who is currently using the newest Email ThreatPak. "We were impressed in the past with the flexibility and accuracy of the Bayesian spam filter and felt that it couldn't be improved upon, but the content filtering in this release has proven us wrong. We're able to configure filtering and walk away with confidence knowing that our customers are protected."

"This release has made things even easier in terms of setting security thresholds and ease of management, and we didn't think that was possible," said Sean Kelly, co-owner of PMSI Recruiting, a staffing and recruiting firm specializing in the legal and healthcare markets. "The level of security has improved from an already high level. And since the Email ThreatPak is now even easier to use, we spend less time worrying about spam filtering, Internet security, and fighting spyware, which allows us to spend more time on our core business, which is the reason for having it deployed."

"The enhancements to Email ThreatPak keep eSoft at the top of the list for advanced spam protection and email security," said Patrick Walsh, Director of Product Management and Marketing for eSoft. "We've continued to work with customers to ensure that we provide the tools they need to ensure smooth business operations. The enhancements we've added have been the result of requests and discussions with many of our enterprise customers and resellers, including Digital Dot Systems."

Pricing and Availability

The latest Email ThreatPak is available immediately for current customers at their next scheduled update check. New customers and customers without the Email ThreatPak should contact eSoft or their VAR for pricing information.

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