June 16, 2008

RGTS Launches Ethernet Services for Greater New York Area

Rockefeller Group Technology Solutions, a provider of communications services for tenants in commercial office buildings in the US, has announced the availability of high-performance ethernet services for the greater New York area.

The new service supports real-time communications and transactional services and is backed by Arcadian Networks' ESAP service assurance platform.

According to Accedian Networks, its ESAP solution, will allow Rockefeller Group Technology Solutions (RGTS) to monitor end-to-end, per-application performance. This ensures that committed bandwidth, availability, packet delay and jitter meet each customer's unique requirements. The solution will also provide accelerated service provisioning, remote troubleshooting and carrier-grade operations, administration and maintenance functionality.

John Tarduno, President and CEO of RGTS, said: "RGTS is excited to now offer leading-performance/carrier-grade ethernet services backed by dedicated customer service and responsive operations capabilities - a unique combination that helps clients benefit from managed connectivity that enable advanced communications applications and increased business efficiency. The transition from SONET to ethernet will save clients money on both equipment and man power as it is easier to use. The speed is ideal for data applications and RGTS is proud to be offering it."