Sangoma’s MTP2 Support Empowers SS7

June 16, 2008

Sangoma(R) Technologies Corporation (TSX VENTURE: STC), the premium provider of PC-based hardware and software for proprietary and open source networking and telephony, announced today the availability of Sangoma’s mtpBoost, an MTP2 application programmer interface. This SS7 building block has a price-performance ratio that far exceeds that of the competition and will enable everyone from small companies to larger carriers a more affordable option for distributing applications over SS7.

Now, companies that offer SS7 telephony applications including SMS routing, voice mobile applications, 911 and location-based services, can purchase the MTP2 layer, separate from Sangoma’s full SS7 Media Gateway Solution, on a per port basis. This product will work with any vendor’s existing SS7 stack, and because the protocols and application layers remain those of the third party, the customer can enjoy a seamless transition to Sangoma’s premium line of hardware, at a significantly lower cost.

“We’ve proven that we can reliably support SS7 applications for many years, and we are creating opportunities in this space for companies that never thought that they could get there,” said Nenad Corbic, Sangoma’s Chief Software Engineer. “With Sangoma’s MTP2 API users can use their existing application suites with minimal changes at the low MTP2 level to make use of our scalable, high performance hardware.”

“We’ve been looking to expand the use of our apSS7 (http://www.apss7.com) application platform, but high hardware costs for devices handling the MTP2 layer and below were restricting our market,” said Shane Burrell, President of company Metrostat Communications, Inc. “Now we are able to offer our applications to a broader base of customers.”

Burrell adds, “Sangoma’s board provides Metrostat Communications with low cost, flexible SS7 capabilities for the development of these essential and emerging revenue-generating services. Sangoma’s product was instrumental in helping us to meet our goals of delivering robust ss7 applications to the price contentious, open source VoIP market.”

mtpBoost, Sangoma’s MTP2 API, is now available as a separate add-on to Sangoma’s award-winning line of Advanced Flexible Telecommunications (AFT) hardware. It has been certified by leading Telecommunications companies including France Telecom, Belgium Telecom, and AT&T, and it supports HDLC at both 56kbps and 64kbps.

Sotel Systems, Empowered by Sangoma(TM) US Distributor, will be displaying Sangoma product at NXTcom 2008, June 16-19, Booth SU7223.

About Sangoma Technologies Corporation

Sangoma Technologies Corporation is the premium provider of PC-based hardware and software for proprietary and open source data and telephony transport solutions. The company develops and manufactures the most scalable and reliable voice and Wide Area Network data cards in the industry, including the award-winning Advanced Flexible Telecommunications (AFT) product line. Founded in 1984, Sangoma Technologies Corporation is publicly traded on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSX VENTURE: STC). Additional information on Sangoma can be found at: www.sangoma.com.

Sangoma Technologies Corporation is publicly traded on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSX VENTURE: STC).

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