June 16, 2008

InterDigital(R) SlimChip(TM) Modem Platform Selected By Mobile Broadband Module Company

InterDigital, Inc. (NASDAQ:IDCC) announced its 6071 SlimChip Broadband Modem solution has been selected by a mobile broadband module company. InterDigital's SlimChip baseband IC and reference platform, featuring 2G/3G modes with high performance HSDPA and HSUPA, will be integrated in the customer's leading USB modems and advanced wireless modules that enable high-speed mobile broadband connectivity in laptops and innovative portable devices.

"This design win with a fast-growing customer validates the performance of the SlimChip baseband IC and the flexibility of our pre-certified reference platform," commented Mark Lemmo, Executive Vice President, Business Development for InterDigital. "In only a few weeks time, our customer was able to turn our baseband chip, supporting software, and reference designs into a leading-edge USB stick form factor prototype capable of reaching industry leading performance on a live network."

InterDigital's family of SlimChip solutions include high performance baseband ICs, broadband modem IP, and complete reference platforms targeting PC cards, PCI-e Mini Cards and USB sticks. These pre-certified SlimChip reference platforms include:

-- High performance SlimChip 6071 baseband IC

-- 2G/3G protocol stack software with InterRAT

-- Reference design with proven RF, power management, connection manager software and middleware drivers

-- GCF, PTCRB and IOT testing

-- Integration support through carrier approval.

SlimChip products enable companies to accelerate time to market with a proven mobile broadband solution supporting both voice and data in a small and attractive form factor.

About InterDigital

InterDigital designs, develops and provides advanced wireless technologies and products that drive voice and data communications. InterDigital is a leading contributor to the global wireless standards and holds a strong portfolio of patented technologies which it licenses to manufacturers of 2G, 2.5G, 3G, and 802 products worldwide. Additionally, the company offers a family of SlimChip high performance mobile broadband modem solutions, consisting of Baseband ICs, Modem IP and Reference Platforms. InterDigital's differentiated technology and product solutions deliver time-to-market, performance and cost benefits.

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