June 17, 2008

Taqua MobileWorks Extends Delivery of Advanced Applications Across Wireline and Wireless Networks

Taqua(R), LLC, a leading supplier of next-generation end-office switching systems and applications, and Mavenir Systems Inc., an innovator in service delivery network technology, today introduced Taqua MobileWorks(TM), a converged fixed and mobile network solution that enables all carriers to cost-effectively and seamlessly deliver advanced applications across any wireline and wireless network infrastructure including GSM/CDMA, 2G, 3G, and 4G.

Utilizing Taqua's 'Mobile Interface Card' (MIC) coupled with Mavenir's mOne(TM) Convergence Platform, service providers with a Taqua 7000 Switching System can now offer ubiquitous services to wireline legacy, broadband and wireless (2G, 3G or 4G) subscribers. Taqua MobileWorks extends the existing nextgen Taqua 7000(TM) (T7000) Class 4/5 switch capability to now include all functions normally provided by a standalone Mobile Switching Center (MSC). Configured for Taqua MobileWorks, the T7000 takes on the added functions including all wireless media gateway, call control, Home Location Register (HLR), Session Management and Subscriber Authentication, Service Adaptation and Protocol Interworking, and Multi-Domain Resource Management for Mobility and Features.

"Taqua is 100 percent focused on solving the needs of North American small- and medium-sized service providers," said Scott Weidenfeller, chief marketing officer for Taqua LLC. "In 2002, the delivery of our flagship T7000 kicked off the market for replacing legacy Class 4 and 5 switches allowing carriers to save money and deliver advanced and VoIP services. Since then, the T7000 has grown to become the central platform used by small- and medium-sized carriers to deliver the most advanced business and residential services. Now, the introduction of our mobile interface card and partnership with Mavenir provides our customers the ability to cost-effectively deliver advanced mobility services on the same T7000 platform."

"A key driver for the carrier competitive landscape is the ability to capture new revenue from customers by augmenting the network infrastructure they already have in place," said Payam Maveddat, vice president of product management and marketing for Mavenir Systems. "Our collaborative Taqua MobileWorks solution bolsters carriers' ability to quickly deploy highly scalable next-generation services, such as single-number reachability, that accelerates both customer acquisition and stickiness."

Because of the inherent cost and scalability benefits of Taqua's switch-on-a-card architecture, Taqua is able to configure the T7000 to replace any Class 4/5 end office switch and simultaneously deliver TDM and IP services. By introducing a mobile interface card, the same system can cost-effectively deliver seamless mobility services all from a single 17" X 24" gateway-like chassis shelf. This unique capability is made possible because Taqua's patented "switch-on-a-card" design places all the functions of a Class 5 switch, IP gateway, or mobile switching center on a single circuit pack, and each shelf can be configured with any variety of circuit packs depending upon the service providers requirements. The Taqua 7000 is the only field-proven next generation Class 5 switch that has successfully replaced virtually every brand and vintage of Class 5 switch in North America. Its conservative resource requirements make it practical for installation in a variety of locations including collocation spaces or MTUs. The field hardened T7000 can support a wide variety of protocols including SS7, SIP, MGCP, GR-303, CAS, NCS, PRI and others over line, trunk or IP interfaces as well as mobility interfaces support on mOne such as MAP, IS-41, GSM A/Iu, and CDMA IOS.

The joint solution takes advantage of the IMS Centralized Services reference architecture, developed by Mavenir in collaboration with the World's largest mobile carriers. This architecture allows for connectivity of any 2G/3G/4G mobile radio access to an IP core for enhanced services and applications.

About Taqua, LLC

Established in 1998, Taqua is a leading supplier of next-generation switching systems and technologies. With over 300 system deployments, the company's solutions are deployed by wireline, cable and wireless carriers as next-generation end-office exchanges. Taqua's T7000 Switching System (T7000) lowers switching deployment and operational costs, while delivering new IP-based services. Taqua is headquartered in Richardson, TX, with research and development located in Hyannis, MA, and Richardson, TX. More information on Taqua and the T7000 can be obtained by calling +1.972.692.1800, by email at [email protected], or by browsing the website at www.taqua.com.

About Mavenir Systems, Inc.

Mavenir Systems' solutions transcend barriers dividing networks and accelerate next generation service delivery. Mavenir enables providers to expand revenue streams with an optimized solution. Mavenir's mOne(TM) is designed to be introduced seamlessly into fixed, mobile and broadband networks, while allowing for scaling cost-effectively from small to very large service deployments. Mavenir is based in Richardson, Texas, and has international offices in Shanghai, China, and Bangalore, India. For more information, please visit www.mavenir.com.