June 17, 2008

Yesmail Becomes Official Referral Partner of Sender Score Certification Program

Yesmail(TM) (an infoGROUP company)(NASDAQ: IUSA), a recognized industry-leading provider of permission-based online email marketing solutions, announced today that it has partnered with Return Path to become a referral partner for their Sender Score Certification program.

Sender Score Certified is an email accreditation program (or whitelist) with deep corporate and consumer market coverage. When accredited through Sender Score Certified, senders reduce filtering risk and increase delivery rates at more than 1.2 billion email inboxes. Top internet services providers such as MSN, Windows Live Hotmail, Cox, and Roadrunner use Sender Score Certified in filtering decisions, along with thousands of corporate domains and leading filtering solutions such as Spam Assassin, IronPort Systems and Barracuda Networks.

A recent study by Return Path found that Sender Score Certified members experienced a 21% lift in overall delivery rates. Each percentage lift in delivery rates translates into increased program revenue and in many cases, significant savings. Along with financial advantages of improved inbox delivery, Microsoft recently announced that Sender Score Certified members will receive additional privileges when sending to Windows Live Hotmail users. The most significant is that images and links will be enabled by default for email sent from active, certified IP addresses. This means that Sender Score Certified senders can move past the challenges around rendering and image suppression that plague most email marketers.

"By joining our network of Sender Score Certified Partners, Yesmail is enabling all of their customers to achieve the best sending rates possible and with an overall cost savings," said Ken Takahashi, Vice President, Global Channels at Return Path. "We are excited to see this program take off and move the industry well ahead of the challenges that previously plagued email marketers."

Sender Score Certified is used by ISPs, domain name providers, and other technology companies including but not limited to; Charter, Comcast, Cox, Earthlink, Go Daddy, Hotmail, MSN Telus, Time Warner, Windows Live Hotmail and Yahoo!. Sender Score Certified also covers thousands of businesses using filtering solutions from Spam Assassin, IronPort Systems, Barracuda Networks and Cloudmark. Sender Score Certified is also included in Declude Junkmail, ActiveState and SpamBouncer. Inclusion in these anti-spam products has further increased the Sender Score Certified footprint.

While Sender Score Certified is not a security product, daily feedback on such aspects of client mailings such as bounce rates, spamtrap hits, DNSBL listings, the functionality of email authentication, role accounts, and of course complaint rates provide valuable insight into email performance and network issues.

"Becoming a Return Path Partner for Sender Score Certification allows us to provide our clients with a trusted solution for best-in-class sending practices," said Jason Warnock, Director of Deliverability at Yesmail. "The program is mutually beneficial for both email marketers and customers providing high-quality, filtered email that aggressively targets spam and at the same time does not filter out desired messages."

About Yesmail

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