June 18, 2008

Parallels Gives Apple a Virtual Makeover

Parallels has launched the first virtualization server for the enterprise Mac community.

Server virtualization has been slow to acknowledge the Apple community, because of the lack of penetration in corporate environments, but this has begun to shift since Apple adopted Intel technology. According to IDC, Apple will outpace the PC market with more than triple growth in sales, and already the company has announced a 51% growth in year-on-year sales of Macs.

Parallels Server for Mac will allow Apple devotees to run Intel-powered Apple hardware such as Xserve and Mac Pro, running OS X Leopard Server, while still providing interoperability with Windows and Linux-based systems.

"Apple's server technology is used by businesses wanting to deploy applications that need to be run on a Mac; however, greater take-up of the technology has traditionally been limited by compatibility concerns, despite the technology having a reputation for reliability. Virtualization can bridge this compatibility gap making Apple a practical consideration for the data center," said Corey Thomas, VP of consumer and business, Parallels. "Parallels' new virtualization tool will remove many of the perceived barriers to adoption in the data center, enabling users to run the Mac OS alongside other operating systems, such as Windows or Linux, more commonly found in the data center."