June 18, 2008

QLogic Ships Ethernet/Fibre Channel ExpressModule for Sun Blade Systems

QLogic, a provider of storage networking solutions, has announced that a combination 4Gb Fibre Channel/1Gb Ethernet ExpressModule is now shipping for Sun Blade 6000 and 8000 systems.

The plug-and-play QEM3472 ExpressModule, available from Sun as the Sun StorageTek Dual 4 Gb Fibre Channel Dual GbE ExpressModule Host Bus Adapter, can be added or removed without powering down or opening Sun Blade systems.

Designed by QLogic based on the PCI ExpressModule industry standard specification the quad port ExpressModule claims to double the number of I/O ports available to users.

Amit Vashi, vice president of marketing at QLogic Host Solutions Group, said: "Previously, if Sun Blade system customers wanted Ethernet or Fibre Channel ports, they could plug in a dual-port Ethernet ExpessModule or a dual-port Fibre Channel ExpressModule.

"The QLogic QEM3472 ExpressModule maximizes server slots, incorporating two Fibre Channel and two Ethernet ports on a single card, doubling the number of available I/O ports."