June 18, 2008

Tellabs Enables Deltacom Network Optimization

LAS VEGAS, June 18 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- NXTcomm08 -- The efficiency of interworking hit a sweet spot with Deltacom a year ago. The US-based telecom company serves enterprises, small businesses and wholesalers in the southeastern United States. Interworking enables Deltacom to continue providing the IP-based services that enable its customers' advanced applications, while optimizing past investment in traditional networking elements.

Deltacom visited Tellabs at NXTcomm07 with an interest in Multilink Point-to-Point Protocol, or MLPPP. Now, a year later, the company is leveraging MLPPP success to the fullest with a deployed Tellabs solution. MLPPP is for service providers who aim to offer IP-based services over traditional networks. It enables providers to connect traditional architectures and leverage IP-based transport to optimize networking efficiency.

Sweet success with MLPPP

With MLPPP on the Tellabs(R) 8800 Multiservice Router (MSR) Series, Deltacom can maximize its current network's capabilities while growing its next-generation architecture. With Tellabs, Deltacom can:

   --  make the network easier to manage by consolidating many network       elements into one platform;   --  offer advanced services to customers by leveraging IP-based services       over existing infrastructure and Ethernet; and   --  deliver a greater variety of bandwidth offerings to smaller business       customers.    

Depending on market need, Deltacom will deploy a variety of products from the Tellabs 8800 MSR series. The company will use the Tellabs(R) 8860 Multiservice Router in larger cities and the Tellabs(R) 8830 Multiservice Router in smaller markets. Deltacom will also use the Tellabs(R) 8890 Management System to streamline management and maintenance of its new architecture.

"Before we had three network elements in our central office doing the work that now we can do with one," said Eric Douglas, vice president of engineering at Deltacom. "The solution enables us to provide emerging Ethernet and IP-based services to our customers while optimizing our current infrastructure."

The icing on the cake

Choosing new equipment is only one piece of the success. Deltacom knew that future-proofing its network required foresight. Tellabs(R) Global Services helped with installation, testing, maintenance, and an on-site Tellabs engineer helped Deltacom address compliance requirements using the Tellabs equipment.

"Deltacom plans to use extensive functionality in the Tellabs 8800 MSR series, so its engineers must know the ins and outs of the new equipment," said Dan Kelly, executive vice president for global products for Tellabs. "With support from Tellabs Global Services, Deltacom can deploy new equipment quickly and effectively to bring advanced services to its customers."

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