June 18, 2008

Tickets Still Available to Awards Gala With Bob Woodruff, Ana Garcia and Steve Lopez

LOS ANGELES, June 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Ticket sales for the 50th edition of the Southern California Journalism Awards honoring ABC News' Bob Woodruff, NBC4's Ana Garcia and Los Angeles Times columnist Steve Lopez will close at 4 p.m. Friday, a day before the Saturday gala.

Hundreds of journalists, editors and civic leaders will gather to honor scores of top journalists across the Southland, at 6 p.m. Saturday at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

"This is the last chance to be part of the top journalism event of the year," says Chris Woodyard, a USATODAY reporter who is president of the Los Angeles Press Club.

To get one of the last remaining tickets, log on to http://www.lapressclub.org/ or contact the club at (323) 669-8081.

Los Angeles Press Club

CONTACT: Diana Ljungaeus, Executive Director of Los Angeles Press Club,+1-323-669-8081

Web site: http://www.lapressclub.org/