June 18, 2008

HeavyInk.Com Officially Launches

ARLINGTON, Mass., June 18 /PRNewswire/ -- After a period of public beta, comics retail and social networking site HeavyInk.com has announced its official launch, effective today. Bringing together comics and community in a way that revolutionizes online comics retail, HeavyInk.com (http://heavyink.com/) offers a fully-featured social networking framework along with a comprehensive selection of comics titles, graphic novels, and trade paperback collections.

"Our goal with HeavyInk.com is no less than a paradigm shift in how comics are purchased and how comics fans interact through the internet," explained Travis Corcoran, founder and president of HeavyInk.com. "There are plenty of places to purchase comics online, and plenty more where fans can socialize together. HeavyInk is the only place where fans can do both. Essentially, it's the world's largest and coolest virtual comics store -- always open, offering great deals and customer service, and with endless room for fans to hang out and talk about the medium and culture of comics."

HeavyInk.com is first and foremost an online comics retailer. All purchases are 20% off retail price, and come with free shipping and no sales tax in 49 states, along with exceptional customer service. HeavyInk offers the most comprehensive, convenient comics subscription service on the web -- cancel anytime, view an interactive listing of all subscriptions and upcoming issues, select variant covers -- and the only graphic novel and trade paperback subscription service available anywhere. Customers can also depend on HeavyInk to deliver every item in their subscription, without fail, thanks to the site's Triple Your Money Back guarantee -- if HeavyInk fails to deliver on an item and it can't be sent later, the customer will get triple their money back.

Users who participate in the HeavyInk community will find a full slate of interactive functionality -- a Facebook-style user home page allows customers to write their own profile, update a blog, share subscriptions and reviews with others, and drop "blurbs" on each other's pages. Every title and creator indexed on the site can be reviewed, and every review has a comments function, enabling an ongoing dialogue between fans throughout the site. A forum provides a common "lobby" where all users can gather together and share their opinions.

"Since public beta opened last fall, over 1,100 HeavyInk users have joined our community, so it is definitely thriving," said Corcoran. "Users can even participate in games such as Cover Fight, where they vote on their favorite cover every month, and the Quizzes feature, which allows anyone to create their own quiz and see responses populated on profiles throughout the site. This is the next stage of comics fandom and retail online, and we're thrilled to get things started."

About HeavyInk.com

Based in Arlington, MA, HeavyInk.com is where comics and community meet, a leading-edge online comics retailer offering a full range of social networking features. HeavyInk president Travis Corcoran also launched SmartFlix.com, which offers the most expansive library of arts-and-crafts and how-to DVDs in the world.


CONTACT: Matt Springer of HeavyInk.com, +1-407-949-4151,[email protected]

Web site: http://heavyink.com/