June 18, 2008

SourceLabs Extends Self-Support Technology To Xen Virtualization Software

SEATTLE, June 18 /PRNewswire/ -- SourceLabs, the company creating innovative technology to support open source software, today announced that its Self-Support Suite now supports enterprise-class virtual infrastructure solutions built on the Xen(R) hypervisor, an open-source virtualization software solution for Linux. SourceLabs' Self-Support technology gives developers, corporate IT professionals, and solution providers an on-demand way to significantly reduce the complexity of application development, deployment, troubleshooting and software maintenance for open source technologies. Xen is the industry's de-facto, industry-endorsed open source virtualization standard backed by the industry's leading enterprise solution vendors.

"As data centers are moving toward a more dynamic model, they are increasingly doing so using server virtualization technology and Xen is the leading technology solution in the market today for running virtualized IT environments," said Byron Sebastian, SourceLabs CEO and Founder. "The SourceLabs Self-Support Suite gives developers the ability to significantly drive down the costs of deploying and maintaining virtualized data centers with technology that seamlessly and effortlessly harnesses the power of Xen and other open source technologies."

SourceLabs Self-Support Suite drives down the cost of troubleshooting and fixing software problems and in addition to identifying potential security issues. The system identifies issues and ranks potential resolutions from across a wide variety of projects in the open source development ecosystem, offering resolutions to problems in just minutes. Indexing, managing, and storing the data, SourceLabs uses advanced pattern matching and predictive analysis algorithms to automate troubleshooting, reduces the time on routine tasks and analyzes data to flag any potential problems before they can impact systems or designs.

Xen open source virtualization software allows multiple operating systems to run concurrently on the same physical server, allowing customers to consolidate their current workloads onto a single server. As the leading open source virtualization project, Xen serves as the foundation of many commercial virtualization solutions and has been benchmarked as the highest performing virtualization software available and is developed collaboratively by engineers at Intel, AMD, Cisco, Citrix, Dell, Egenera, HP, IBM, Mellanox, Network Appliance, Novell, Red Hat, SGI, Sun, Unisys, Veritas, Voltaire, and more.

SourceLabs' supports all current and previous releases of Xen technology, including auxiliary projects such as 'libvirt.' SourceLabs' Self-Support Suite for Xen references solutions from Xen.org as well as solutions from across multiple Linux distributions that ship with Xen integration including Debian, RedHat, Fedora, Ubuntu, and OpenSuSE, as well as the Linux Kernel mailing list and bug database, providing Xen users an exhaustive resource for troubleshooting and analysis of their virtualization platforms. SourceLabs' Self-Support Suite supports the most popular open source Java and Linux technologies including Apache httpd, GCC, MySQL, Sendmail, and the Linux Kernel among others.

Pricing and Availability

SourceLabs' Self-Support Tools are available at, http://www.sourcelabs.com/. Basic support includes 24x7 global coverage and is available from $399 for one developer seat. For more information and enterprise pricing, call 206.322.0099 or email [email protected]

To try SourceLabs' Self Support tools, visit http://www.sourcelabs.com/?page=testdrive.

About SourceLabs

SourceLabs is innovating open source software support. The Seattle-based company provides a complete set of software integration, testing, support and maintenance solutions The company's dependable Open Source Systems vision proposes a new model for the software industry, one that frees software buyers from proprietary lock-in while delivering highly reliable software and support. For more information, please go to http://www.sourcelabs.com/. The company runs the open source Swik project that catalogs over 10,000 open source projects for an audience of over 1 million unique visitors per month.

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