June 18, 2008

StumbleUpon Launches New Version of Toolbar

StumbleUpon, one of the ways to discover new websites and videos on the internet, has announced an enhanced version of its toolbar to support the release of Firefox 3, the latest version of Mozilla's web browser.

StumbleUpon has said that the new toolbar has been optimized to take advantage of the popular features in Firefox 3 with new bookmarking capabilities, as well as enhancements to the current sharing and discovery features for the StumbleUpon community. The new version of the StumbleUpon toolbar takes advantage of some of the additions to Firefox 3, including the Smart Location Bar.

According to StumbleUpon, toolbar enables Firefox 3 users to import all of their StumbleUpon thumbs up sites to their Firefox 3 bookmarks. The Firefox 3 Smart Location Bar will allow StumbleUpon users to access their past favorites by typing text into the location bar, where the auto-complete function will begin to display matching Stumbles.

Michael Buhr, general manager of StumbleUpon, said: "Previously, users had to search through all of their past Stumbles to find a site they rated in the past; now they can retrieve that site in seconds with just a few keystrokes."