June 19, 2008

Web Site of the Week: Remember The Milk

Accomplishing goals in our increasingly busy lives requires organization. For those naturally blessed with a keen mind and good memory, this requires little effort. The rest of us, however, could use a little bit of help. Remember The Milk (http://www.rememberthemilk.com) is a Web service that can assist you in managing your responsibilities, taking advantage of the electronic gadgets we use every day to keep you focused and on schedule.

You begin using Remember The Milk (RTM) by entering tasks. For each task entered, you can set its priority, due date and time you estimate to accomplish the goal. In addition, the Web site features Google Maps integration, so you can also set each task's location. This is a neat way to see the physical relationship between your tasks and can help you plan adjust your travel plans accordingly. You can even tag your tasks with keywords, to further help you figure out how you are spending your time.

However, RTM's key strength is that it can remind you of your upcoming tasks through the devices you use all the time. You can set up your account to send e-mail, AIM or SMS notices alerting you when a deadline is approaching. RTM provides you with the tools to integrate your tasks with Google Calendar, Gmail and Apple's iCal as well as RSS readers. You can even add tasks to your RTM account via e-mail.

The site's sole drawback is its awkward user interface (you enter the title of a new task in a wide text field on the left side of the screen, but set the information about it in a small box all the way on the right).

RTM's combination of flexible organization tools and powerful notification system will keep you on-time all of the time. You'll never have an excuse to forget something again.


(Eric Goodwin writes Hotlink for McClatchy-Tribune News Service. You can send e-mail to [email protected])


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