June 19, 2008

Pacnet and Bharti Airtel Launch Gateway to India Offering

Following the signing of an network-to-network interface agreement to interconnect their respective networks, expanding connections to and from India, Pacnet and Bharti Airtel have announced 'Gateway to India' offering for STM-1 and larger international private line circuits between the US and India.

Delivered in collaboration with Pacific Crossing the 'Gateway to Asia' offering will leverage the strengths of each company's subsea assets to provide a fast, end-to-end connection for enterprise customers who have a large capacity requirement between these markets.

The connections will utilize Bharti Airtel's i2i system, Pacnet's EAC-C2C network and Pacific Crossing's PC-1 cable system.

Dennis Muscat, senior vice president of sales at Pacnet South Asia, said: "This partnership marks a milestone in carrier collaboration, embracing the strength of each participating service provider to deliver high capacity IPL services that are being demanded by enterprise customers around the world looking to connect into and from India."