June 19, 2008

Pacnet and Bharti Airtel Sign Network Interface Agreement

Pacnet, a provider of multi protocol label switching, and Bharti Airtel have signed a network-to-network interface agreement to interconnect their respective networks, expanding connections to and from India.

Under the scope of the agreement, the two companies will directly interconnect their network infrastructure to expand their respective MPLS (multi protocol label switching) -based IP VPN (virtual private network) capabilities and to provide advanced IP solutions to key business customers in the region.

David Nishball, president of enterprise services at Bharti Airtel, said: "This agreement is in line with our strategy to extend the global reach of our customers and providing them a secure, consistent and robust network running right from their doorstep to the most populous markets across Asia Pacific and beyond. Airtel's India expertise coupled with Pacnet's international capability will enable us to provide integrated communications solutions to satisfy requirements for quality, value, consistency and reliability."