June 19, 2008

OPNET Introduces NetMapper for Automatic Network Diagramming and Announces Participation in Microsoft’s Visio Toolbox Partner Program

BETHESDA, Md., June 19, 2008 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- OPNET Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq:OPNT), a leading provider of solutions for managing networks and applications, today introduced NetMapper(tm), for automatically creating content-rich network diagrams in Microsoft Visio(r). NetMapper is the industry's first solution to incorporate physical and logical connectivity as well as detailed configuration information into network diagrams. NetMapper diagrams are generated in the popular Microsoft Visio format. OPNET is also participating in Microsoft's Visio Toolbox Partner Program.

Maintaining current network diagrams is a significant challenge for IT organizations and also for network service providers. A large part of the challenge is due to the inherent complexity of modern data networks and the high frequency of changes. Traditional network diagram tools generally represent only the physical or basic logical connectivity of the network, often requiring manual input to introduce components. NetMapper is a new product module that produces up-to-date diagrams of the network topology with detailed configuration information, encompassing routers, switches, and firewalls. Multiple views provide insight into Layer 2 and 3 configuration, as well as Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs), routing protocols, and more. Rather than relying on manual data entry, NetMapper creates network diagrams based on a detailed analysis of actual device configuration data.

"NetMapper addresses a pervasive issue that impacts network planning, engineering, and operations -- network diagrams are difficult and time-consuming to maintain, and quickly become obsolete, which dramatically reduces their usability and value to the organization," stated Alain Cohen, OPNET's President and Chief Technology Officer. "NetMapper eliminates the burdensome manual effort associated with producing network diagrams, providing more accurate, complete, and timely information so users can diagnose network issues more rapidly, plan for change more effectively, and operate more productively. Only NetMapper can offer such powerful capabilities because OPNET solutions are unique in their 'semantic' approach to analyzing the network, meaning that network configuration data is interpreted using expert knowledge to create the data model."


NetMapper is offered as an optional module for OPNET's IT Sentinel(r), SP Sentinel(r), IT Guru(r) Network Planner, and SP Guru(r) Network Planner solutions, to support network planning, engineering, and operations. NetMapper will be available this month from OPNET Technologies.

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