June 20, 2008

Pentagon Memorial May Compromise Security

A site memorializing the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attack on the U.S. Department of Defense headquarters may attract too many tourists, critics say.

The memorial is scheduled to be dedicated and open to the public in September on the Pentagon's grounds in Arlington, Va., The Washington Post reported Friday.

Critics worry the $32 million site will compromise the Pentagon's security.

The Pentagon was not designed to be a welcoming and nice place to visit, like the mall, Steven E. Calvery, Pentagon Force Protection Agency director, told the Post.

Advocates of the memorial say it is needed to remember the 184 people killed in the attack on the building.

This site holds a special level of intensity. You can't get the whole picture of what happened until you come here, said Keith Kaseman, who designed the site with his wife, Julie Beckman.