June 23, 2008

Sun Microsystems to Leverage HI CORPORATION’s MascotCapsule(R) 3D Rendering Engine for Mobile Devices

HI CORPORATION (JASDAQ:3846)(ISIN:JP3160860007)(Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Kazuo Kawabata hereinafter "HI") today announced that Sun Microsystems, Inc. and HI are working together to deliver mobile solutions based on the MascotCapsule 3D rendering engine. Sun and HI plan to offer HI CORPORATION's MascotCapsule 3D engine to mobile customers along with Sun's Java Platform Micro Edition (Java ME) implementation.

Under terms of this agreement, HI will optimize its MascotCapsule series starting with V4 (1) with API (2) supporting JSR184 (3), followed by JSR239 and JSR297 (3).

"3D content is increasingly needed to create compelling user experiences across mobile devices. We are pleased that HI's 3D technology will be optimized for Java ME mobile graphics APIs and that Sun and HI will be able to offer this solution jointly to our customers," said Eric Klein, vice president of Java marketing at Sun.

Kazuo Kawabata, HI's President and CEO, said, "As end users demand more visually engaging mobile applications, high performance graphics rendering will be essential. We believe that the combination of Sun's optimized Java Virtual Machine and HI's MascotCapsule 3D rendering engine provides an ideal platform for these new applications."

This agreement represents HI's commitment to expanding the sales of this solution and reaching the global market.

 (1) V4 A rendering engine that is fully compliant with international standard such as JSR184 and OpenGL(R) ES with hardware rendering support. See http://www.hicorp.co.jp/product/index.html#v4 for details.  (2) APPI Abbreviation for Application Programming Interface, an inlet for applications for using functions provided by OS and programming languages and commonly used by many pieces of software such as file control, window control, image processing, and character control. In many cases, it is provided as a set of functions. 

 (3) JSR 184, 239, 297 JSR184: The Mobile 3D Graphics API, commonly referred to as M3G, is a specification defining an API for writing Java programs that produce 3D computer graphics. M3G was developed under the Java Community Process. JSR239: Java(TM) Binding for the OpenGL(R) ES API. A native 3D graphics library for using OpenGL(R) ES from Java application. JSR297: Mobile 3D Graphics API 2.0, the new version of M3G (JSR184), exposes the latest graphics hardware features on high-end devices, while improving performance and memory usage on the low end. 

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